2 Maccabees 2

Geneva(i) 1 It is founde also in the writings of Ieremias the Prophet, that he commaunded them, which were caried away, to take fire, as was declared, and as the Prophet commanded them that were led into captiuitie, 2 Giuing them a lawe that they shoulde not forget the commaundements of the Lord, and that they should not erre in their minds, when they saw images of gold and siluer, with their ornaments. 3 These and such other things commanded he them, and exhorted them that they shoulde not let the Lawe goe out of their hearts. 4 It is written also, howe the Prophet, by an oracle that he had, charged them to take the tabernacle and the arke, and followe him: and when hee came vp into the mountaine where Moyses went vp, and sawe the heritage of God, 5 Ieremias went foorth, and founde an hollow caue, wherein he laide the Tabernacle, & the Arke, and the altar of incense, and so stopped the doore. 6 And there came certaine of those that followed him, to marke ye place: but they coulde not finde it. 7 Which whe Ieremias perceiued, he reproued them, saying, As for that place: it shalbe vnknowen, vntil the time that God gather his people together againe, and that mercie be shewed. 8 Then shall the Lord shew them these things, and the maiestie of the Lorde shall appeare and the cloude also, as it was shewed vnder Moyses, and as when Salomon desired, that the place might be honourably sanctified. 9 For it is manifest that he, being a wise man, offred the sacrifice of dedication, and consecration of the Temple. 10 And as when Moyses praied vnto the Lord, the fire came downe from heauen, and consumed the sacrifice: so, when Salomon prayed, the fire came downe from heauen, and consumed the burnt offering. 11 And Moyses saide, Because the sinne offering was not eaten, therefore is it consumed. 12 So Salomon kept those eight daies. 13 These things also are declared in the writings, and registers of Neemias, and howe he made a librarie, and howe he gathered the acts of the Kings, and of the Prophets, and the acts of Dauid, and the epistles of the Kings concerning the holy gifts. 14 Euen so Iudas also gathered all things that came to passe by the warres that were among vs, which things we haue. 15 Wherefore if yee haue neede thereof, sende some to fetch them vnto you. 16 Whereas we then are about to celebrate the purification, we haue written vnto you, and ye shall doe well, if ye keepe the same daies. 17 We hope also that the God, which deliuered all his people, and gaue an heritage to them all and the kingdome, and the Priesthoode, and the Sanctuarie, 18 As he promised in the lawe, wil shortly haue mercy vpon vs, and gather vs together from vnder the heauen into his holy place: for he hath saued vs from great perils, and hath clensed the place. 19 As concerning Iudas Maccabeus, and his brethren, the purification of the great Temple, and the dedication of the altar, 20 And the warres against Antiochus Epiphanes, and Eupator his sonne, 21 And ye manifest signes that came from heauen vnto those, which manfully stood for the Iewes religion: (for though they were but fewe, yet they ranne through whole countreis, and pursued the barbarous armies, 22 And repaired the Temple that was renowmed throughout all the worlde, and deliuered the citie, and established the Lawes, that were like to be abolished, because the Lorde was mercifull vnto them with all lenitie) 23 Wee will assaie to abbridge in one volume those things, that Iason the Cyrenian hath declared in fiue bookes. 24 For considering the wonderful nomber, and the difficultie that they haue that woulde be occupied in the rehearsall of stories, because of the diuersitie of the matters, 25 We haue endeuoured, that they that woulde reade, might haue pleasure, and that they which are studious, might easily keepe them in memorie, and that whosoeuer reade them, might haue profite. 26 Therefore to vs that haue taken in hand this great labour, it was no easie thing to make this abbridgement, but required both sweat, & watching. 27 Like as hee that maketh a feast, and seeketh other mens commoditie, hath no smal labour: so we also for many mens sakes are very well content to vndertake this great labour. 28 Leauing to the authour the exact diligence of euery particular, we will labour to goe forwarde according to ye prescript order of an abbridgement. 29 For as he that will builde a newe house, must prouide for the whole building, but he that setteth out the plat or goeth about to paint it, seeketh but onely what is comely for the decking thereof: 30 Euen so I thinke for vs, that it appertaineth to the first writer of a storie to enter deepely into it, and to make mention of all things, and to be curious in euery part. 31 But it is permitted to him that will shorten it, to vse fewe woordes, and to auoide those things that are curious therein. 32 Here then will we begin the storie, adding thus much to our former woordes, that it is but a foolish thing to abound in woordes before the storie, and to be short in the storie.