1 Maccabees 4

Geneva(i) 1 Then tooke Gorgias fiue thousande foote men, and a thousande of the best horsemen, and departed out of the campe by night, 2 To inuade the campe of the Iewes, and to slay them suddenly: and the men of the fortresse were his guides. 3 Nowe when Iudas heard it, he remoued, and they that were valiant men to smite the Kings armie which was at Emmaus, 4 Whiles yet the armie was dispersed from the campe. 5 In the meane season came Gorgias by night into Iudas campe: and when he founde no man there, he sought them in the mountaines: for said he, They flee from vs. 6 But assoone as it was day, Iudas shewed him selfe in the fielde with three thousand men, which had neither harnesse nor swordes to their mindes. 7 And they saw that the armies of the heathen were strong and well armed, and their horsemen about them, & that these were expert men of warre. 8 Then said Iudas to the men that were with him, Feare ye not their multitude, neither be afraid of their assault. 9 Remember, howe our fathers were deliuered in the redde Sea, when Pharao pursued them with an armie. 10 Therefore nowe let vs crie vnto heauen, and the Lorde wil haue mercie vpon vs, and remember the couenant of our fathers, and will destroy this hoste before our face this day: 11 So shall all the heathen knowe, that there is one, which deliuereth and saueth Israel. 12 Then the strangers lift vp their eyes, & sawe them comming against them, 13 And they went out of their tentes into the battell, and they that were with Iudas, blewe the trumpets. 14 So they ioyned together, and the heathen were discomfited and fled by the plaine. 15 But the hinmost of them fel by the sword, & they pursued the vnto Gazeron, & into ye plaines of Idumea, & of Azotus, & of Iamnia, so that there were slaine of them about three thousande men. 16 So Iudas turned againe with his hoste from pursuing them, 17 And saide vnto the people, Be not greedy of the spoyles: for there is a battell before vs. 18 And Gorgias and the armie is here by vs in the mountaine: but stand ye now fast against your enemies, and ouercome them: then may ye safely take the spoyles. 19 As Iudas was speaking these words, there appeared one part which looked from ye mountaines. 20 But when Gorgias sawe that his were fled, & that Iudas souldiers burnt the tents: (for the smoke that was seene, declared what was done.) 21 When they saw these things, they were sore afraid, & when they saw also that Iudas & his hoste were in the field ready to set themselues in aray, 22 They fled euery one into the lande of strangers. 23 So Iudas turned againe to spoyle the tentes, where he gate much golde and siluer, and precious stones, and purple of the sea, and great riches. 24 Thus they went home, & sung psalmes, and praysed toward the heauen: for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer. 25 And so Israel had great victory in that day. 26 Nowe all the strangers that escaped, came, and tolde Lysias all the things that were done. 27 Who when he heard these thinges, was sore afraid, & discouraged, because such things came not vpon Israel as he would, neither such things as the King had commanded him, came to passe. 28 Therefore the next yere following, gathered Lysias three score thousande chosen foote men, and fiue thousand horsemen to fight against Ierusalem. 29 So they came into Idumea, & pitched their tents at Beth-sura, where Iudas came against them with ten thousand men. 30 And whe he saw that mightie armie, he praied, and saide, Blessed be thou, O Sauiour of Israel, which diddest destroy the assault of the mightie man by the hand of thy seruant Dauid, & gauest the hoste of the strangers into the hand of Ionathan, the sonne of Saul, and of his armour bearer: 31 Shut vp this armie in the hand of thy people of Israel, & let them be confounded with their power, and with their horsemen. 32 Make them afraide, and consume their boldnesse and strength, that they may be astonished at their destruction. 33 Cast them downe by the sworde of them that loue thee: then shall all they that knowe thy Name, praise thee with songs. 34 So they ioyned together, and there were slaine of Lysias hoste, fiue thousande men, and they fell before them. 35 Then Lysias, seeing his armie put to flight, and the manlines of Iudas souldiers, and that they were ready, either to liue or die valiantly, he went into Antiochia, and gathered strangers, and when he had furnished his armie, he thought againe (being prepared) to come against Iudea. 36 Then said Iudas and his brethren, Beholde, our enemies are discomfited: let vs nowe goe vp to clense, and to repaire the Sanctuarie. 37 So all the hoste gathered them together, & went vp into the mountaine of Sion. 38 Nowe when they sawe the Sanctuarie layde waste, and the altar defiled, and the doores burnt vp, and the shrubbes growing in the courtes, as in a forest, or as on one of the mountaines, and that the Priestes chambers were broken downe, 39 They rent their clothes, and made great lamentation, and cast ashes vpon their heades, 40 And fell downe to the ground on their faces, and blewe an alarme with the trumpets, and cryed toward heauen. 41 Then Iudas commanded certaine of the me to fight against those which were in the castle, till he had clensed the Sanctuarie. 42 So he chose Priestes that were vndefiled, such as delited in the Lawe, 43 And they clensed the Sanctuarie, and bare out the defiled stones into an vncleane place, 44 And consulted what to doe with the altar of burnt offrings, which was polluted. 45 So they thought it was best to destroy it, least it shoulde be a reproche vnto them, because the heathen had defiled it: therefore they destroyed the altar, 46 And layde vp the stones vpon the mountaine of the Temple in a conuenient place, til there should come a Prophet, to shewe what shoulde be done with them. 47 So they tooke whole stones according to the Lawe, and builded a newe altar according to the former, 48 And made vp the Sanctuarie, and the things that were within the Temple, and the courtes, and all things. 49 They made also new holy vessels, & brought into the Temple the candlesticke, and the altar of burnt offrings, and of incense, and the table. 50 And they burnt incense vpon the altar, and lighted the lampes which were vpon the candlesticke, that they might burne in the Temple. 51 They set also the shewbread vpon the table, and hanged vp the vailes, & finished all the workes that they had begunne to make. 52 And vpon the fiue and twentieth day of the ninth moneth, which is called the moneth of Chaslu, in the hundreth and eight and fourtieth yeere they rose vp betimes in the morning, 53 And offred sacrifice according to the Lawe, vpon the new altar of burnt offrings, that they had made. 54 According to the time, and according to the day, that the heathen had defiled it, in the same day was it made new with songs, and harpes, and lutes, and cymbales. 55 And all the people fell vpon their faces, worshipping and praysing toward the heauen him that had giuen them good successe. 56 So they kept the dedicatio of the altar eight dayes, offring burnt offrings with gladnesse, and offred sacrifices of deliuerance and prayse, 57 And deckt the forefront of the Temple with crownes of golde and shieldes, and dedicated the gates & chambers, and hanged doores vpon them. 58 Thus there was very great gladnesse among the people, and the reproche of the heathen was put away. 59 So Iudas and his brethren with the whole congregation of Israel, ordeyned that the dayes of dedication of the altar should be kept in their season from veere to yere, by the space of eight dayes, from the fiue and twentieth day of the moneth Chaslu, with mirth and gladnesse. 60 And at the same time buylded they vp mout Sion with hie walles, & strong towres round about, lest the Gentiles should come, and tread it downe, as they had done afore. 61 Therefore they set a garrison there to keepe it, and fortified Beth-sura to keepe it, that the people might haue a defence against Idumea.