1 Kings 7:23-26

Geneva(i) 23 And he made a molten sea ten cubites wide from brim to brim, rounde in compasse, and fiue cubites hie, and a line of thirtie cubites did compasse it about. 24 And vnder the brimme of it were knoppes like wilde cucumers compassing it round about, ten in one cubite, compassing the sea round about: and the two rowes of knoppes were cast, when it was molten. 25 It stoode on twelue bulles, three looking towarde the North, and three toward the West, and three toward the South, and three towarde the East: and the sea stoode aboue vpon them, and all their hinder partes were inward. 26 It was an hand bredth thicke, and the brim thereof was like the worke of the brim of a cup with floures of lilyes: it contained two thousad Baths.