Hebrews 5

Etheridge(i) 1 For every high priest who is from among men, on the behalf of men, standeth over those things which are of Aloha, to offer oblation and sacrifices for sins: 2 and (is one) who can humble himself, and suffer with those who know not and err, since he also himself with infirmity is clothed. 3 And on this account he is obligated as on the behalf of the people, so (also) for himself, to offer up for his sins. 4 Yet no man to himself taketh the honour, but he who is called by Aloha, as of Aharun.[Methkree men Aloha aicano d'Aharun.] 5 Thus also the Meshiha glorified not himself to be a High Priest; but He [invested him with that office] who said to him, Thou art my Son, I to-day have begotten thee. 6 So, too, in another place he saith, Thou art the Priest for ever, after the likeness of Malki-Zedek. 7 When also with flesh he had been clothed, prayer and supplication, with a powerful cry, and with tears, he offered up unto Him who was able from death to revive him, and was heard. 8 And though he was the Son, yet from the fear and the sufferings which he sustained he learned obedience. 9 And so was he perfected, and became unto all them who obey him the Cause of eternal salvation; 10 and was named by God, The High Priest after the likeness of Malki-Zedek. 11 But concerning this Malki-Zedek himself, we have much discourse to utter, and [which is] hard to explain, because ye are infirm in your hearing. 12 FOR ye ought to be teachers, on account of the time [occupied] by you in learning; but now ye have need again to be taught those which are the first scriptures of the beginningwords of Aloha; and need have ye for milk, and not for solid food. 13 But every one whose food is milk is not versed in the doctrine of righteousness, because he is a babe. 14 But for the perfect is solid food; those, (namely,) who, because exercised, have trained their senses to distinguish the good and the evil.