Psalms 60

ECB(i) 1 To His Eminence; On Trumpet of Witness: A Poem by David, when he strives with Aram Naharaim and with Aram Sobah, when Yah Ab returns and smites twelve thousand of Edom in the Valley of Salt/Gay Melach. O Elohim, you cast us off; you breached us; you angered: O return to us! 2 You quaked the earth; you broke it: heal the breaches; for it totters: 3 You had your people see hardship; you had us drink the wine of staggering: 4 you gave an ensign to them who awe you, to flutter at the face of trueness. Selah. 5 So as to rescue your beloved save with your right and answer: 6 Elohim speaks in his holiness; I jump for joy; I allot Shechem - measure out the valley of Sukkoth/Brush Arbors. 7 Gilad is mine and Menash Sheh is mine; and Ephrayim is the stronghold of my head: Yah Hudah is my statute setter; 8 Moab is my bath caldron; over Edom I cast my shoe; Pelesheth, shout because of me. 9 Who brings me to the city with rampart? Who leads me into Edom? 10 Is it not you, O Elohim? Cast you us, O Elohim? Go you not with our hosts? 11 Give us help from tribulation; for vain is the salvation of humanity: 12 through Elohim we work valiantly; for he tramples our tribulators.