Psalms 53

ECB(i) 1 To His Eminence; On Stroking; On Comprehension: By David. The fool says in his heart, No Elohim! They ruin and do abhorrent wickedness; no one works good. 2 Elohim, from the heavens, looks down on the sons of humanity to see if there are any discerners who seek Elohim. 3 Everyone apostatizes; they are altogether muddled; no one works good - no, not one. 4 Know not the doers of mischief - who eat my people as they eat bread? - who call not on Elohim? 5 In dreading, they dread where no dread is; for Elohim scatters the bones of him who encamps against you; you shame them; for Elohim spurns them. 6 Who gives the salvation of Yisra El from Siyon? When Elohim turns back the captivity of his people, Yaaqov twirls and Yisra El cheers.