Psalms 49:6-20

ECB(i) 6 They who confide in their valuables - in the abundance of their riches halal themselves. 7 In redeeming, man neither redeems his brother, nor gives Elohim a koper/an atonement for him; 8 and esteemed is the redemption of their soul: and ceases eternally; 9 and still he lives in perpetuity and sees not the pit of ruin. 10 For he sees wise men die; the fool and the stupid destruct together and leave their valuables to others. 11 Inwardly they think their houses are eternal and their tabernacles generation to generation; they call their soil after their own names. 12 Humanity stays not in esteem; he is as the animals who decease. 13 This their way is their folly; yet their posterity is pleased with their mouth. Selah. 14 As a flock they set themselves in sheol; death tends them: and the straight subjugate them in the morning; and their form wears out: sheol is their residence. 15 Surely Elohim redeems my soul from the hand of sheol; for he takes me. Selah. 16 Awe not when man enriches - when the honor of his house abounds: 17 for when he dies he takes naught; his honor descends not after him. 18 For while he lives he blesses his soul; and they spread hands to you when you well-please yourself. 19 He goes to the generation of his fathers; never to see light in perpetuity. 20 Humanity in esteem who discerns not, is as the beasts that perish.