Psalms 30:5-11

ECB(i) 5 his wrath is for but a blink; in his pleasure is life: weeping stays at evening but shouting at morning: 6 and in my serenity I say, I totter not eternally. 7 O Yah Veh, at your pleasure my mountain stands in strength; you hide your face and I terrify. 8 I call to you, O Yah Veh; and to Yah Veh I seek charism. 9 What gain is there in my blood when I descend to the pit of ruin? Does dust spread hands to you? - tell your truth? 10 Hear, O Yah Veh, and grant me charism; O Yah Veh, be my helper. 11 Turn my chopping into round dancing; loose my saq and girt me with cheerfulness: