Proverbs 8:22-29

ECB(i) 22 Yah Veh chattelized me in the beginning of his way - in his ancient deeds. 23 I was libated from eternity - from the top - from the antiquity of the earth. 24 When there were no abysses, I was writhed; when there were no fountains heavy with water: 25 ere the mountains were sunk at the face of the hills, I was writhed: 26 while as yet he had neither worked the earth nor the outways nor the top of the dust of the world: 27 when he prepared the heavens, I was there; when he engraved a circle on the face of the abyss; 28 when he strengthened the vapours above; when he strengthened the eyes of the abyss; 29 when he set his statute to the sea, that the waters not pass his mouth; when he prescribed the foundations of the earth;