Nehemiah 8:14-17

ECB(i) 14
And they find inscribed in the torah what Yah Veh misvahed by the hand of Mosheh; that the sons of Yisra El settle in sukkoth/brush arbors in the celebration of the seventh month: 15 and they are heard passing a voice in all their cities and in Yeru Shalem, saying, Go forth to the mount and fetch olive leaves and leaves of oil trees and myrtle leaves and palm tree leaves and leaves of thick trees, to work sukkoth/brush arbors, as inscribed. 16 And the people go and bring and work themselves sukkoth/brush arbors, - each man on the roof of his house and in their courts and in the courts of the house of Elohim and in the broadway of the water portal and in the broadway of the portal of Ephrayim. 17 And all the congregation who returned from the captivity work sukkoth/brush arbors and settle under the sukkoth/brush arbors: for since the days of Yah Shua the son of Nun to that day the sons of Yisra El had not worked thus: and there is mighty great cheerfulness: