Nehemiah 13:15-20

ECB(i) 15 In those days in Yah Hudah I see them treading wine presses on the shabbath - and bringing in heaps and lading he burros and also wine, grapes and figs and all the burdens they bring into Yeru Shalem on the shabbath day: and I witness the day they sell hunt: 16 and the Soriy settle therein bringing fish and all manner of price and sell on the shabbath to the sons of Yah Hudah and in Yeru Shalem. 17 And I contend with the nobles of Yah Hudah and say to them, What evil word is this that you work and profane the shabbath day? 18 Worked not your fathers thus and brought not our Elohim all this evil on us and on this city? And you add fuming on Yisra El by profaning the shabbath. 19 And so be it, the portals of Yeru Shalem begin to overshadow at the face of the shabbath, and I say to shut the gates and say to not open until after the shabbath: and I stand my lads at the portals, that no burden is brought in on the shabbath day. 20 And the merchants and sellers of all sales stay overnight outside Yeru Shalem one time or twice.