Matthew 21:33-45

ECB(i) 33
Hear another parable: A human housedespotes, plants a vineyard and hedges it all around and digs a trough in it and builds a tower and leases it to cultivators and goes abroad: 34 and the season of the fruit approaches and he apostolizes his servants to the cultivators to take of the fruits: 35 and the cultivators take his servants; and indeed flog one and slaughter another and stone another. 36 Again, he apostolizes other servants much more than the first: and they do to them likewise. 37 And afterward he apostolizes his son to them, wording, They respect my son. 38 But the cultivators see the son, and they say among themselves, This is the heir! Come! Slaughter him! Seize his inheritance! 39 And they take him and eject him from the vineyard and slaughter him. 40 So when the adoni of the vineyard comes, what does he to those cultivators? 41 They word to him, He evilly destroys those evil men, and leases his vineyard to other cultivators who give him the fruits in their seasons. 42 Yah Shua words to them, Read you never ever in the scriptures, The stone the builders disapprove, the same becomes the head of the corner: this becomes of Yah Vah and it is marvellous in our eyes? Psalm 118:22, 23 43 So I word to you, The sovereigndom of Elohim is taken from you and given to a goyim producing the fruits thereof. 44 And whoever falls on this stone crushes: but on whomever it falls, pulverizes. Isaiah 8:14 45 And the archpriests and Pharisees hear his parables, and they know he words concerning them: