Lamentations 4

ECB(i) 1
How the gold fades - the good ore changes; - the stones of the holies poured out in the top of all the outways! 2 The esteemed sons of Siyon, balanced to pure gold, how they are reckoned as pottery bottles, the work of the hands of the former! 3 Even the monsters strip the breast; they suckle their whelps: the daughter of my people is cruel, as ostriches in the wilderness. 4 The tongue of the suckling adheres to his palate for thirst; the infants ask bread and no one spreads to them; 5 they who ate delicately desolate in the outways; those entrusted with scarlet embrace dunghills. 6 And the perversity of the daughter of my people greatens above the sin of Sodom - overturned as in a blink and no hands writhed over her. 7 Her Separatists were purified as snow - dazzling whiter than milk; their bones more reddened than pearls; their separatism of sapphire: 8 their form becomes darker than darkness - not recognized in the outways; their skin adheres to their bones - withers; becomes as wood. 9 Those pierced with the sword are better than those pierced with famine; for they flow away stabbed because of the produce of the field. 10 The hands of the mercied women stew their own children; they chew them in the breech of the daughter of my people. 11 Yah Veh accomplishes his fury - pours out his fierce wrath and kindled a fire in Siyon; and it consumes the foundations. 12 The sovereigns of the earth and all who settle the world, had never trusted for the tribulator and the enemy to enter into the portals of Yeru Shalem. 13 Because of the sins of her prophets and the perversities of her priests, who pour the blood of the just in her midst, 14 they wander as blind in the outways: they pollute themselves with blood, - not able to touch their robes. 15 They call to them, Turn aside! Foul! Turn aside! Turn aside! Touch not! As they flee and wander, they say among the goyim, Add not to sojourn there. 16 The anger of Yah Veh allots them; never again to scan them; they neither lifted the face of the priests, nor granted charism to the elders. 17 As for us, our eyes as yet are finished off for our vain help: in our watching, we watched for a goyim that saves not: 18 they hunt our paces, from going in our broadways; our end is near; our days fulfilled; our end is come. 19 Our pursuers are swifter than the eagles of the heavens: they pursue us on the mountains; they lurk for us in the wilderness: 20 the spirit/wind of our nostrils, the anointed of Yah Veh, is captured in their pits - of whom we say, Under his shadow we live among the goyim. 21 Rejoice and cheer, O daughter of Edom, who settles in the land of Us; the cup also passes through to you; intoxicate and strip yourself naked: 22 your perversity is consummated, O daughter of Siyon; he exiles you no more: he visits your perversity, O daughter of Edom: he exposes your sins.