Jeremiah 48

ECB(i) 1
Against Moab: Thus says Yah Veh Sabaoth Elohim of Yisra El; Ho, Nebo! for it is ravaged: Qiryathaim is shamed and captured: the secure loft is shamed and dismayed. 2 The halal of Moab is no more: in Heshbon they fabricated evil against it. Come, and we cut it off from a goyim. Also you, O Madmen, are severed; the sword goes after you. 3 A voice of crying from Horonaim - ravage and great breaking. 4 Moab is broken; her little ones cry a cry to be heard. 5 For in the ascent of Luchith, in weeping, weeping ascends; for in the descent of Horonaim the tribulators hear a cry of breaking. 6 Flee! Rescue your souls! Become as the naked tree in the wilderness. 7 For, because you confide in your works and in your treasures, you also are captured: and Kemosh goes into exile together with his priests and his governors. 8 And the ravager comes on every city and no city escapes: and the valley destructs and the plain desolates, as Yah Veh said. 9 Give wings to Moab to flee and get away: for the cities thereof desolate without any to settle therein. 10 Cursed - he who works the work of Yah Veh deceitfully: and cursed - he who withholds his sword from blood. 11 Moab relaxes from his youth and rests on his dregs - neither poured out from instrument to instrument nor gone into exile: so his taste stands within him and his scent changes not. 12 So behold, days come, - an oracle of Yah Veh that I send him strollers who have him stroll, and pour his instruments and shatter his bags. 13 And Moab shames because of Kemosh, as the house of Yisra El shamed of Beth El their confidence. 14 How say you, We are mighty and valiant men for the war? 15 Moab is ravaged and ascends her cities; and his chosen youths descend to the slaughter - an oracle of the Sovereign whose name is Yah Veh Sabaoth. 16 The calamity of Moab is near to come and his evil hastens mightily. 17 All you who are all around him, wag over him; and all you who know his name, say, How the rod of strength is broken - the staff of adornment! 18 You, daughter who settles in Dibon, descend from your honor, and settle in thirst; for the ravager of Moab ascends on you; he ruins your fortresses. 19 O settler of Aroer, stand by the way, and watch; ask him who flees; and she who escapes; and say, What becomes? 20 Moab shames; for it is broken down. Howl and cry! Tell it in Arnon, that Moab is ravaged: 21 and judgment comes on the plain land - on Holon and on Yahsah and on Mephaath, 22 and on Dibon and on Nebo and on Beth Diblathayim 23 and on Qiryathaim and on Beth Gamul and on Beth Meon 24 and on Qerioth and on Bozrah and on all the cities of the land of Moab far or near. 25 The horn of Moab is cut off and his arm broken - an oracle of Yah Veh. 26 Intoxicate him: for he greatens against Yah Veh: Moab also slurps in his own vomit and he also is ridiculed. 27 For was not Yisra El a ridicule to you? Was he found among thieves? For since your sufficient words, you sway for joy. 28 O you who settle in Moab, leave the cities; and tabernacle in the rock: and be as the dove who nests in the sides of the mouth of the pit. 29 We hear the pomp of Moab - mighty pompous - his haughtiness and his pomp - his pomp and the haughtiness of his heart. 30 I know his wrath - an oracle of Yah Veh but it is not thus; his lies work not thus. 31 So I howl for Moab, and I cry for all Moab - meditate for the men of Qir Hareseth. 32 O vine of Sibmah, I weep for you with the weeping of Yazer: your tendrils pass over the sea; they touch to the sea of Yazer: the ravager falls on your summer fruits and on your crop: 33 and cheerfulness and twirling are gathered from the orchard/Karmel and from the land of Moab; and I shabbathize the wine from the troughs: no one treads with shouting; in shouting, they shout not. 34 From the cry of Heshbon to El Aleh; and to Yahsah they give their voice: from Soar to Horonaim, a heifer of three: for even the waters of Nimrim become desolations: 35 and I shabbathize in Moab - an oracle of Yah Veh he who holocausts in the bamahs, and he who incenses to his elohim. 36 So my heart roars for Moab as pipes; and my heart roars as pipes for the men of Qir Hareseth: because the riches he worked are destroyed. 37 For every head baldens, and every beard diminishes: on all the hands, incisions, and on the loins, saq: 38 and chopping for all on all the roofs of Moab and in the broadways: for I break Moab as an instrument wherein is no pleasure - an oracle of Yah Veh. 39 They howl, How it is broken! How Moab faces the neck shamed! And Moab becomes a ridicule and a ruin to all all around him. 40 For thus says Yah Veh; Behold, he flies as an eagle and spreads his wings over Moab. 41 Qerioth is captured, and the huntholds apprehended; and at that day, the hearts of the mighty in Moab become as the heart of a woman in her tribulating: 42 and Moab, as a people, desolates because he greatens himself against Yah Veh. 43 Fear and the pit and the snare snare on you, O settler of Moab - an oracle of Yah Veh. 44 He who flees from the face of fear falls into the pit; and he who ascends from the pit is captured in the snare: for I bring thereon - on Moab, the year of their visitation - an oracle of Yah Veh. 45 They who flee stand under the shadow of Heshbon because of the force: for a fire comes from Heshbon and a flame from within Sichon and consumes the edge of Moab, and the scalp of the sons of uproar. 46 Woe to you, O Moab! the people of Kemosh destruct: for your sons are taken with the captives and your daughters with the captivity. 47 And I restore the captivity of Moab in the latter days - an oracle of Yah Veh. This is the judgment of Moab.