Hosea 8

ECB(i) 1 A shophar to your palate - as an eagle against the house of Yah Veh: because they trespass my covenant and rebel against my torah. 2 They cry to me, My Elohim, we - Yisra El, know you! 3 Yisra El casts off the good: an enemy pursues him. 4 they set sovereigns, but not by me: they set dominators, and I know not: they work idols of their silver and their gold and cut themselves off. 5 Cast your calf, O Shomeron; my wrath kindles against them: how long ere they are capable of innocency? 6 For even of Yisra El: the engraver works it; and it is not of Elohim: for the calf of Shomeron shatters. 7 For they seed the wind and harvest the hurricane: there is no stalk; the sprout works no flour: and if it works, strangers swallow it. 8 Yisra El is swallowed: they are now among the goyim as an instrument wherein is no delight: 9 for they ascend to Ashshur - a wild runner alone by himself: Ephrayim hires lovers. 10 Yes, though they hire among the goyim I now gather them; and they are pierced a little by the burden of the sovereign of governors. 11 Because Ephrayim abounds sacrifice altars to sin, they are his sacrifice altars to sin. 12 I inscribe to him the myriads of greatnesses of my torah, they fabricate them as strange: 13 they sacrifice flesh for the sacrifices of my holocausts, and eat; Yah Veh is not pleased with them; now he remembers their perversity and visits their sins: they return to Misrayim. 14 And Yisra El forgets his Worker and builds manses and Yah Hudah abounds fortified cities: and I send a fire on his cities and it consumes the citadels.