Hosea 3:1-5

ECB(i) 1
Then Yah Veh says to me, Go again; love a woman beloved of her friend, and an adulteress, according to the love of Yah Veh toward the sons of Yisra El, who face other elohim and love cakes of grapes. 2 So I buy her for myself for fifteen silver and a chomer of barley and a lethech of barley: 3 and I say to her, You, settle for me many days; neither whore, nor become for another man: and thus I also for you. 4 The sons of Yisra El settle for many days with no sovereign and no governor; no sacrifice, no monolith, no ephod, no teraphim: 5 afterward the sons of Yisra El return and seek Yah Veh their Elohim and David their sovereign; and fear Yah Veh and his goodness in the latter days.