Galatians 1:11-17

ECB(i) 11
But I have you know, brothers, that the evangelism evangelized by me is not after humanity. 12 For I neither took it from humanity nor was I doctrinated; but through the apocalypse of Yah Shua Messiah. 13 For you heard of my former behavior in Yah Hudahism, how I excessively persecuted and ravaged the ecclesia of Elohim: 14 and advanced in Yah Hudahism above my many contemporaries in my own genos - being more superabundantly a zealot of the traditions of my patriarchs. 15 And when Elohim well-approved - who set me apart from the womb of my mother and through his charism, called me 16 to unveil his Son in me to evangelize him among the goyim; I neither straightway counseled with flesh and blood: 17 nor ascended to Yeru Shalem to them who were apostles preceding me; but I departed to Arabia and returned to Dammeseq.