Ezra 3

ECB(i) 1
And the seventh month touches and the sons of Yisra El are in the cities and the people gather as one man to Yeru Shalem. 2 Then Yah Shua the son of Yah Sadaq and his brothers the priests and Zerub Babel the son of Shealti El and his brothers rise and build the sacrifice altar of Elohim of Yisra El to holocaust holocausts thereon - as inscribed in the torah of Mosheh the man of Elohim: 3 and they establish the sacrifice altar on his bases; for terror is on them because of the people of those lands: and they holocaust holocausts to Yah Veh - holocausts for morning and evening. 4
And they work the celebration of sukkoth/brush arbors as inscribed: and the day by day holocausts by number according to the judgment, as the day by day word required. 5
And afterward the continual holocaust and for new moons and for all the hallowed festivals of Yah Veh: and for every one who volunteers a voluntary to Yah Veh. 6 From the first day of the seventh month they begin to holocaust holocausts to Yah Veh: and the foundation of the manse of Yah Veh is not yet laid: 7 and they give silver to the hewers and to the artificers; and food and drink and oil to the Sidoniy and to the Soriy to bring cedar trees from Lebanon to the sea of Yapho according to the permit they have from Koresh sovereign of Persia. 8
And in the second year of their coming to the house of Elohim at Yeru Shalem in the second month, Zerub Babel the son of Shealti El and Yah Shua the son of Yah Sadaq and the survivors of their brothers the priests and the Leviym and all who come from the captivity to Yeru Shalem: and they stand the Leviym from sons of twenty years and upward, to begin to oversee the work of the house of Yah Veh. 9 And Yah Shua, his sons and his brothers, Qadmi El and his sons, the sons of Yah Hudah, stand as one to oversee the doers of the work in the house of Elohim: - the sons of Henadad, with their sons and their brothers the Leviym. 10 And the builders lay the foundation of the manse of Yah Veh and they stand the priests enrobed with trumpets and the Leviym the sons of Asaph with cymbals to halal Yah Veh, after the hand of David sovereign of Yisra El: 11 and they answer together by course - halaling and spreading hands to Yah Veh for he is good: for his mercy eternal toward Yisra El. And all the people shout a great shout as they halal Yah Veh; because the foundation of the house of Yah Veh is laid. 12 And many of the priests and Leviym and heads of the fathers - elders who had seen the first house when the foundation of this house was laid in front of their eyes, weep with a great voice; and many shout and cheer with lifted voice: 13 and the people recognize not the voice of the shout of cheering from the voice of the weeping of the people: for the people shout a great shout and the voice is heard afar off.
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