Ezekiel 4:1-17

ECB(i) 1
And you, son of humanity, take a brick and give it at your face; and engrave thereon the city, Yeru Shalem: 2 and give siege against it and build a battering tower against it and pour a mound against it; and give the camp against it, and set rams against it all around: 3 and take an iron griddle to yourself; and give it for a wall of iron between you and between the city: and establish your face against it; and it becomes under siege and you siege against it - a sign to the house of Yisra El. 4 And lie on your left side and set the perversity of the house of Yisra El thereon: according to the number of the days you lie thereon you bear their perversity: 5 and I - I give on you the years of their perversity according to the number of the days - three hundred and ninety days: thus you bear the perversity of the house of Yisra El. 6 And when you conclude them, lie secondly on your right side; and bear the perversity of the house of Yah Hudah forty days: I give you a day for a year, a day for a year. 7 And establish your face toward the siege of Yeru Shalem, and strip your arm and prophesy against it. 8 And behold, I give ropes on you, that you not turn from side to side, until you finish the days of your siege. 9 And take to yourself wheat and barley and beans and lentiles and millet and spelt and give them in one instrument; and work bread according to the number of the days you lie on your side - three hundred and ninety days you eat. 10 And the food you eat - twenty shekels a day by weight: from time to time you eat. 11 And drink water by measure, the sixth of an hin: from time to time you drink. 12 And eat it as barley ashcakes, and bake it with dung balls of human excrement in their eyes. 13 And Yah Veh says, Even thus the sons of Yisra El eat their fouled bread among the goyim, where I drive them. 14 And I say, Aha Adonay Yah Veh! behold, my soul is not fouled: for from my youth up even until now I neither ate of a carcase or torn; nor came stench of flesh into my mouth. 15 And he says to me, See, I give you cow dung for human dung balls and work your bread therewith. 16 And he says to me, Son of humanity, behold, I break the rod of bread in Yeru Shalem: and they eat bread by weight, and with concern; and they drink water by measure, and with astonishment: 17 so that they lack bread and water and astonish man with brother; and dissolve for their perversity.