Ezekiel 26:1-28

ECB(i) 1
And so be it, in the eleventh year, in the first of the month, the word of Yah Veh is to me, saying, 2 Son of humanity, because Sor says against Yeru Shalem, saying, Aha, she is broken - the doors of the people: she turns to me: I am fulfilled; she is parched. 3 So thus says Adonay Yah Veh: Behold, I am against you, O Sor, and I ascend many goyim against you, as the sea ascends his waves: 4 and they ruin the walls of Sor and break down her towers: and I scrape her dust from her and give her as the clearing of a rock. 5 and so be it for the spreading of nets midst the sea: I - I have worded - an oracle of Adonay Yah Veh and so be it, a plunder to the goyim: 6 and her daughters in the field are slaughtered by the sword; and they know I - Yah Veh. 7 For thus says Adonay Yah Veh: Behold, I bring on Sor Nebukadnets Tsar sovereign of Babel - a sovereign of sovereigns, from the north, with horses and with chariots and with cavalry and congregations and much people. 8 He slaughters your daughters with the sword in the field: and he gives a battering tower against you and pours a mound against you and raises the shield against you: 9 and he give battering rams against your walls and with his sword he pulls down your towers. 10 By the throngs of his horses their dust covers you: your walls quake at the voice of the cavalry and of the wheels and of the chariots - when he enters into your portals is as entering into a split city. 11 With the hoofs of his horses he tramples all your outways: he slaughters your people by the sword and lowers your monoliths of strength to the earth. 12 And they plunder your valuables and plunder your merchandise: and they break down your walls and pull down your pleasant houses: and they set your stones and your timber and your dust midst the water. 13 And I shabbathize the roar of your songs and the voice of your harps are heard no more: 14 and I give you as the clearing of a rock to spread nets on: you are built no more: for I Yah Veh have worded - an oracle of Adonay Yah Veh. 15 Thus says Adonay Yah Veh to Sor: Quake not the islands at the voice of your ruin when the pierced shriek? When the slaughter is slaughtered in your midst? 16 And all the hierarchs of the sea descend from their thrones and turn aside their mantles; they strip their clothes of embroidery and enrobe themselves with trembling; they sit on the earth and tremble in a blink and astonish at you: 17 and they lift a lamentation for you, and say to you, How you destruct, you settled of the seas; the renowned city - strong in the sea; she and her settlers, who give their terror on all who settle it! 18 Now the islands tremble in the day of your ruin; yes, the islands in the sea terrify at your departure. 19 For thus says Adonay Yah Veh: When I give you as a parched city, as the cities not settled; when I ascend the abyss on you and great waters cover you; 20 when I descend you with them descending into the well - to the original people, and settle you in the nethermost of the earth - in the original parched areas with them descending to the well, so that you not settle; and I give splendor in the land of the living. 21 I give you as terrors, and you are no more: though you are sought for, yet you are not eternally found again - an oracle of Adonay Yah Veh.