Ezekiel 19

ECB(i) 1
And you, lift a lamentation for the hierarchs of Yisra El, 2 and say, What is your mother? A roaring lioness! She crouches among lions, she greatens her whelps among whelps: 3 and she ascends one of her whelps: it becomes a whelp that learns to prey; it devours humanity: 4 and the goyim hear of him and apprehend him in their pit of ruin: and with hooks they bring him to the land of Misrayim. 5 when she sees, that in waiting, her hope destructs, she takes one of her whelps, and sets him a whelp: 6 and he goes up and down among the lions, he becomes a whelp and learns to prey and devours humanity. 7 And he knows their abandonments; and he parches their cities; and the land, and the fulness thereof desolates by the voice of his roaring. 8 And the goyim give against him from all around the jurisdictions; and spread their net over him: and apprehend him in their pit of ruin: 9 and with hooks they give him in a cage, and bring him to the sovereign of Babel: they bring him into the huntholds so that his voice is heard no more on the mountains of Yisra El. 10 Your mother is as a vine in your blood transplanted by the waters: she bears fruit and branches by reason of many waters: 11 and she has rods of strength for the scions of them who reign; and her height heightens among the foliage, and she is seen in her height with the abundance of her branches: 12 and she is uprooted in fury - cast down to the earth; and the east wind withers her fruit: her rods of strength break and wither; the fire consumes them: 13 and now she is transplanted in the wilderness - in a parched and thirsty earth: 14 and fire comes from a rod of her branches, which consumes her fruit, so that she has no rod of strength to become a scion to reign. This is a lamentation; and becomes for a lamentation.