Exodus 22:1-31

ECB(i) 1
If a man steals an ox, or a lamb and slaughters or sells it; he shalams five oxen for an ox and four flocks for a lamb. 2 If they find a thief digging; and smite him that he dies, pour no blood for him. 3 If the sun rises on him, pour his blood; in shalaming, he shalams: if he has naught, sell him for his theft. 4 If in finding, you find the theft in his hand alive - whether ox, or he burro, or lamb; he shalams twofold. 5 If a man consumes a field or vineyard and sends in his beast and consumes the field of another, he shalams of the best of his own field and of the best of his own vineyard. 6 If fire breaks out and finds thorns, so that the heaps of corn or the stalks or the field consume; in shalaming, whoever kindles the kindling, shalams. 7 If a man gives his friend silver or instruments to guard, and it is stolen from the house of the man, if the thief is found, he shalams twofold: 8 if the thief is not found, then the master of the house approaches Elohim, to see if he had not put his hand to the work of his friend. 9 For every word of rebellion - for ox, for he burro, for lamb, for clothes, or for any lost, which another says is his, the word of the two parties comes in front of Elohim: and whomever Elohim declares wicked, shalams twofold to his friend. 10 If a man gives his friend a he burro, or an ox, or a lamb, or any animal to guard; and it dies or is broken or captured - no man seeing it: 11 then have an oath of Yah Veh between the two of them, that he has not put his hand to the goods of his friend; and its master takes, and he shalams not. 12 And if in stealing, it is stolen from him, he shalams to the master: 13 if in tearing, it is torn, then he brings it for witness; and he shalams not what was torn. 14 And if a man asks of his friend and it is broken, or dies - the master not being with it; in shalaming, he shalams: 15 but if its master is with it, he shalams not: if it is a hireling, it comes for his hire. 16
And if a man dupes a virgin who is not betrothed and lies with her, in endowing, he endows her as his woman. 17 If in refusing, her father refuses to give her to him, he weighs silver according to the dowry of virgins. 18 Preserve not a sorcerer to live. 19 Whoever lies with an animal, in deathifying, deathify him. 20 He who sacrifices to any elohim, except to Yah Veh only, in being devoted, devote him. 21 Neither oppress a sojourner, nor pressure him: for you were sojourners in the land of Misrayim. 22 Humble not any widow or orphan: 23 if in humbling, you humble them and in crying, they cry to me, in hearing, I hear their cry; 24 and I kindle my wrath and slaughter you with the sword; that your women become widows and your sons orphans. 25 If you lend silver to any of my people who are humbled with you, neither be to him as a lender, nor set on him usury. 26 If in pledging, you pledge the clothes of your friend, return it to him until the sun goes down: 27 for that is his only covering; it is his clothes for his skin: Wherein lies he down? And so be it, when he cries to me, I hearken; for I am charismatic. 28 Neither abase Elohim nor curse the hierarch of your people. 29 Delay not the fulness of your juices. Give me the firstbirth of your sons. 30 Work thus with your oxen and with your flocks: seven days it is with his mother; on the eighth day you give it me. 31 And you, become holy men to me. Eat no flesh that is torn in the field; cast it to the dogs.