Deuteronomy 33

ECB(i) 1
THE BLESSINGS OF MOSHEH ON THE SONS OF YISRA EL And this is the blessing, wherewith Mosheh the man of Elohim blessed the sons of Yisra El at the face of his death: 2 and he says, Yah Veh comes from Sinay and rises from Seir to them; he shines from mount Paran and he comes with myriads of holy: from his right goes a decree of fire for them. 3 Yes, he cherishes the people; all his holy are in your hand: and they camp at your feet; every one bears of your words. 4 Mosheh misvahs us a torah, even the possession of the congregation of Yaaqov: 5 and he is sovereign in Yeshurun, in the gathering of the heads of the people - the scions of Yisra El. 6 Reu Ben lives and dies not; and his men become numerous. 7 And this for Yah Hudah: and he says, Hear, O Yah Veh, the voice of Yah Hudah and bring him to his people: greaten his hands for him; and become his help from his tribulators. 8 And of Levi he says, Your Thummim and your Urim be with your men of mercy, whom you tested at Massah/Testing and with whom you strove at the waters of Meribah/Strife: 9 who says to his father and to his mother, I saw him not: he neither recognized his brothers nor knew his own sons: for they guarded your sayings and guarded your covenant. 10 They point out your judgments to Yaaqov and your torah to Yisra El: they put incense at your nostrils, totally on your sacrifice altar. 11 Yah Veh, bless his valour and be pleased in the deeds of his hands; strike the loins of them who rise against him and of them who hate him, from rising again. 12 And of Ben Yamin he says, The beloved of Yah Veh tabernacles confidently by him; and covers him all the day long and he tabernacles between his shoulders. 13 And of Yoseph he says, Blessed of Yah Veh be his land, for the preciousnesses of the heavens; for the dew and for the abyss that crouches beneath; 14 and for the preciousnesses produced by the sun; and for the preciousnesses thrust by the moon; 15 and for the tops of the ancient mountains; and for the preciousnesses of the eternal hills; 16 and for the preciousnesses of the earth and fulness thereof; and for the pleasure of him who tabernacles in the bush: it comes on the head of Yoseph and on the scalp of him who was a Separatist from his brothers. 17 His majesty is the firstling of his ox and his horns the horns of a reem: with them he butts the people together to the finality of the earth: and they are the myriads of Ephrayim and they are the thousands of Menash Sheh. 18 And of Zebulun he says, Cheer, Zebulun, in your going out; and, Yissachar, in your tents. 19 They call the people to the mountain; there they sacrifice sacrifices of justness: for they suck of the bounty of the seas and of those covered and buried in the sand. 20 And of Gad he says, Blessed by him who widens is Gad: he tabernacles as a lion and tears the arm - yes, the scalp: 21 and his eye is on the first for himself, because there, the allotment of the statute setter is covered; and he comes with the heads of the people: he works the justness of Yah Veh and his judgments with Yisra El. 22 And of Dan he says, Dan is the whelp of a lion: he leaps from Bashan. 23 And of Naphtali he says, O Naphtali, satisfied with pleasure and full of the blessing of Yah Veh: possess the seaward and the south. 24 And of Asher he says, Asher is blessed with sons; he becomes pleasing to his brothers and dips his foot in oil. 25 Your shoes are iron and copper; and as your days, thus your strength. 26 No one is like the El of Yeshurun, who rides on the heavens in your help and in his pomp on the vapour. 27 The ancient Elohim is your habitation and underneath are the eternal arms: and he expels the enemy from your face; and says, Desolate! 28 And Yisra El tabernacles confidently alone: the fountain/eye of Yaaqov is on a land of crop and juice; also his heavens drip dew. 29 Blithe - you, O Yisra El: who is like to you? A people saved by Yah Veh - the buckler of your help and the sword of your pomp! and your enemies emaciate in front of you; and you tread on their bamahs.