Deuteronomy 29:18-28

ECB(i) 18 lest there be among you man or woman or family or scion whose heart turns this day from the face of Yah Veh our Elohim, to go and serve the elohim of these goyim; lest there be among you a root that bears the fruit of rosh and wormwood. 19 And so be it, he hears the words of this oath, and blesses himself in his heart, saying, I have shalom, though I walk in the warp of my heart, to scrape together the satiated with the thirsty: 20 Yah Veh wills to not forgive him; for then the wrath and the jealousy of Yah Veh fumes against that man; and all the oaths inscribed in this scroll crouch upon him; and Yah Veh wipes his name from under the heavens: 21 and Yah Veh separates him from all the scions of Yisra El unto evil, according to all the oaths of the covenant inscribed in this scroll of the torah: 22 so that the latter generation of your sons who rise after you and the stranger who comes from a far land, say, - when they see the strokes of that land and the sicknesses Yah Veh strokes thereon 23 - and the whole land thereof of sulphur and salt and burning - neither seeded nor sprouting nor any herbage ascending therein - as the overthrow of Sedom and Amorah, Admah and Seboim whom Yah Veh overturned in his wrath and in his fury 24 - even all goyim say, Why works Yah Veh thus to this land? - this great fuming wrath? 25 Then men say, Because they forsake the covenant of Yah Veh Elohim of their fathers, which he cut with them when he brought them from the land of Misrayim: 26 and they go and serve other elohim and prostrate to them - elohim they never knew and whom he never allotted to them: 27 and Yah Veh kindles his wrath against this land to bring thereon all the abasements inscribed in this scroll: 28 and Yah Veh uproots them from their soil in wrath - in wrath and in great rage and casts them to another land, as this day.