Deuteronomy 19

ECB(i) 1
THE TORAH ON CITIES OF REFUGE When Yah Veh your Elohim cuts off the goyim whose land Yah Veh your Elohim gives you; and you possess them and settle in their cities and in their houses; 2 separate three cities for you midst the land Yah Veh your Elohim gives you to possess. 3 Prepare a way and divide the borders of the land Yah Veh your Elohim gives you to inherit into thirds, to become for every murderer to flee to. 4 And this is the word of the murderer, who flees there, and lives: Whoever smites his friend unknowingly, whom he hated not three yesters ago; 5 as when a man goes to the forest with his friend to chop timber and his hand drives the axe to cut down the tree and the iron slips from the timber and finds his friend, that he dies; he flees to one of those cities and lives: 6 lest the redeemer of the blood pursue the murderer while his heart is hot and overtakes him because the way abounds and he smites the soul of him who has no judgment of death - because he hated him not three yesters ago: 7 so I misvah you, saying, Separate three cities for yourselves. 8 And if Yah Veh your Elohim widens your border as he oathed to your fathers; and gives you all the land he worded to give your fathers; 9 when you guard all these misvoth, to work them, which I misvah you this day - to love Yah Veh your Elohim and to walk all days in his ways; then add three cities more for you besides these three: 10 so that innocent blood is not poured in the land Yah Veh your Elohim gives you - an inheritance and blood becomes on you. 11 And when a man hates his friend and lurks for him and rises against him and smites his soul that he dies, and flees to one of these cities: 12 then the elders of his city send and take him and give him to the hand of the redeemer of blood, that he dies. 13 Your eye spares him not, and you burn the innocent blood from Yisra El, that it be good with you. 14
THE TORAH ON LAND BORDERS Remove not the border of your friend which they first set in your inheritance, which you inherit in the land that Yah Veh your Elohim gives you to possess it. 15
THE TORAH ON WITNESSES Raise not one witness against a man for any perversity or for any sin in any sin he sins. But by the mouth of two witnesses, or by the mouth of three witnesses, raise the word. 16 When a witness of violence rises against any man to answer against him what is revolting; 17 then the two men, between whom the dispute is, stand at the face of Yah Veh - at the face of the priests and the judges, being in those days; 18 and the judges inquire well: and behold, if the witness is a false witness and witnesses falsely against his brother; 19 then work to him as he intrigued to work to his brother: thus you burn the evil from among you. 20 And they who survive, hear and awe, and add not to work such word of evil among you. 21 Your eye spares not: soul for soul, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.