2 Samuel 5

ECB(i) 1
Then all the scions of Yisra El come to David to Hebron, and say, saying, Behold, we are your bone and your flesh. 2 Also three yesters ago, when Shaul was sovereign over us, it was you who brought out and brought in Yisra El: and Yah Veh said to you, Tend my people Yisra El! Be eminent over Yisra El! 3 So all the elders of Yisra El come to the sovereign to Hebron; and sovereign David cuts a covenant with them in Hebron at the face of Yah Veh: and they anoint David sovereign over Yisra El. 4 David is a son of thirty years when he begins to reign; and he reigns forty years. 5 In Hebron he reigns over Yah Hudah seven years and six months: and in Yeru Shalem he reigns thirty-three years over all Yisra El and Yah Hudah. 6 And the sovereign and his men go to Yeru Shalem to the Yebusiy, the settlers of the land: who say to David, saying, Unless you turn aside the blind and the lame, enter not here: and saying, David enters not here. 7 And David captures the stronghold of Siyon the city of David: 8 and David says on that day, Whoever touches to the culvert, and smites the Yebusiy and the lame and the blind, whom the soul of David hates. - because they say, The blind and the lame enter not into the house. 9 So David settles in the stronghold, and calls it the city of David; and David builds the house all around from Millo: 10 and in walking, David walks - walks and greatens; and Yah Veh Elohim Sabaoth is with him. 11 And Hiram sovereign of Sor sends angels to David - and cedar trees and artificers of timber and artificers of the stone for the wall; and they build David a house: 12 and David perceives that Yah Veh establishes him sovereign over Yisra El; and that he lifts his sovereigndom for sake of his people Yisra El. 13 And David takes more concubines and women from Yeru Shalem, after coming from Hebron: and sons and daughters are birthed to David. 14 And these are the names of those birthed unto him in Yeru Shalem: Shammuah and Shobab and Nathan and Shelomoh 15 and Yibchar and Eli Shua and Nepheg and Yaphia 16 and Eli Shama and El Ad and Eli Phelet. 17 And the Peleshethiy hear that they anoint David sovereign over Yisra El, all the Peleshethiy ascend to seek David; and David hears thereof and descends to the hold: 18 and the Peleshethiy come and disperse in the valley of Rephaim. 19 And David asks Yah Veh, saying, Ascend I to the Peleshethiy? Give you them into my hand? And Yah Veh says to David, Ascend! For in giving, I give the Peleshethiy into your hand. 20 And David comes to Baal Perasim, and David smites them there, and says, Yah Veh breaches my enemies at my face as the breach of waters: so he calls the name of that place Baal Perasim/Baal Breach. 21 And there they leave their idols, and David and his men lift them away: 22 and the Peleshethiy add to ascend and to disperse in the valley of Rephaim. 23 And David asks of Yah Veh, and he says, Ascend not; but go around behind them, and come upon them opposite the weepers: 24 and so be it, when you hear the voice of marching in the tops of the weepers, then you point: for then Yah Veh goes at your face, to smite the camp of the Peleshethiy. 25 And thus David works as Yah Veh misvahs him; and smites the Peleshethiy from Geba until you come to Gezer.