2 Samuel 3

ECB(i) 1
And the war is long between the house of Shaul and between the house of David: and David walks on strengthened and the house of Saul walks on poor. 2
And to David sons are birthed in Hebron: and his firstbirthed: Amnon of Achiy Noam the Yizre Eliyth; 3 and his second: Kil Ab of Abi Gail the woman of Nabal the Karmeliy; and the third: Abi Shalom the son of Maachah the daughter of Talmay sovereign of Geshur; 4 and the fourth: Adoni Yah the son of Haggith; and the fifth: Shaphat Yah the son of Abi Tal; 5 and the sixth: Yithre Am of Eglah, the woman of David: these were birthed to David in Hebron. 6
And so be it, war becomes between the house of Shaul and between the house of David; and Abi Ner strengthens himself for the house of Shaul. 7 And Shaul has a concubine; her name is Rispah the daughter of Ajah: and he says to Abi Ner, Why go you in the concubine of my father? 8 And Abi Ner inflames mightily for the words of Ish Bosheth and says, Am I the head of a dog because I work Yah Hudah mercy this day - to the house of Shaul your father and to his brothers and to his companions and present you not into the hand of David for visiting me today with a perversion concerning this woman? 9 O that Elohim work thus to Abi Ner, and add also; except, as Yah Veh oathed to David, even thus work I to him 10 - to pass the sovereigndom from the house of Shaul and to raise the throne of David over Yisra El and over Yah Hudah from Dan even to Beer Sheba. 11 - and he cannot return Abi Ner a word because he awes him. 12 And Abi Ner sends angels to David on his behalf, saying, Whose is the land? Saying, Cut your covenant with me and behold, my hand is with you, to turn all Yisra El around to you. 13 And he says, Good; I cut a covenant with you: only, I ask one word of you, saying, You not see my face, unless you first bring Michal the daughter of Shaul when you come to see my face. 14 And David sends angels to Ish Bosheth the son of Shaul, saying, Give me my woman Michal whom I betrothed to me for a hundred foreskins of the Peleshethiy. 15 And Ish Bosheth sends and takes her from her man - from Phalti El the son of Lush: 16 and her man goes with her walking and weeping behind her to Bachurim. And Abi Ner says to him, Go, return. - and he returns. 17 And Abi Ner words with the elders of Yisra El, saying, Three yesters ago you sought David to be sovereign over you: 18 and now work it: for Yah Veh says of David, saying, By the hand of my servant David I save my people Yisra El from the hand of the Peleshethiy, and from the hand of all their enemies. 19 And Abi Ner also words in the ears of Ben Yamin: and Abi Ner also goes to word in the ears of David in Hebron all that seems good in the eyes of Yisra El, and seems good in the eyes of the whole house of Ben Yamin. 20 And Abi Ner comes to David to Hebron with twenty men: and David works a banquet to Abi Ner and the men with him. 21 And Abi Ner says to David, I rise and go, and gather all Yisra El to my adoni the sovereign to cut a covenant with you to reign over all your soul desires. - and David sends Abi Ner away; and he goes in shalom. 22
And, behold, the servants of David and Yah Ab come from the troop and bring in a great spoil with them: and Abi Ner is not with David in Hebron; for he sends him away and he goes in shalom. 23 And Yah Ab and all the host with him come and tell Yah Ab, saying, Abi Ner the son of Ner came to the sovereign, and he sent him away, and he goes in shalom. 24 And Yah Ab comes to the sovereign, and says, What work you? Behold, Abi Ner came to you. Why sent you him away - in walking, to walk away? 25 You know Abi Ner the son of Ner came to entice thee - to know your rising and your entering, - to know all you work. 26 And Yah Ab goes from David and sends angels after Abi Ner who turn him from the well of Sirah: and David knows it not. 27 And Abi Ner returns to Hebron and Yah Ab turns him aside midst the portal to word with him serenely; and smites him under the fifth, so that he dies for the blood of Asa El his brother. 28 And afterward, David hears, and he says, I and my sovereigndom are eternally innocent at the face of Yah Veh from the blood of Abi Ner the son of Ner: 29 it awaits on the head of Yah Ab and on all the house of his father; that there not be cut off from the house of Yah Ab one who flows or is a leper or who holds a crutch or who falls on the sword or who lacks bread. 30 And Yah Ab and Abi Shai his brother slaughter Abi Ner, because he deathified their brother Asa El at Gibon in the war. 31 And David says to Yah Ab and to all the people with him, Rip your clothes and gird with saq; and chop at the face of Abi Ner. And sovereign David walks after the bed: 32 and they entomb Abi Ner in Hebron: and the sovereign lifts his voice and weeps at the tomb of Abi Ner; and all the people weep. 33 And the sovereign laments over Abi Ner, and says, Abi Ner - dies he the death of a fool? 34 Neither with hands bound nor feet approaching copper - as a man fallen at the face of wicked sons, you fall. - and all the people add to weep over him. 35 And all the people come to have David chew bread while it is still day, and David oaths, saying, Thus work Elohim to me, and add also, if I taste bread or aught at all, until the face of the sun downs. 36 And all the people recognize and it is good in their eyes: that whatever the sovereign works is good in the eyes of all the people. 37 And that day, all the people and all Yisra El know it was not of the sovereign to deathify Abi Ner the son of Ner. 38 And the sovereign says to his servants, Know you not that a governor and a great man is fallen this day in Yisra El? 39 And this day I am tender, though anointed sovereign; and these men - the sons of Seruyah are too hard for me: Yah Veh shalams the worker of evil according to his evil.