2 Samuel 22

ECB(i) 1
And David words the words of this song to Yah Veh the day Yah Veh rescues him from the palm of all his enemies and from the palm of Shaul: 2 and he says, Yah Veh is my rock and my stronghold and my escape; 3 the Elohim of my rock - in him I seek refuge: my buckler and the horn of my salvation; my secure loft and my retreat; my saviour - you save me from violence. 4 I call on Yah Veh - the halaled: and I am saved from my enemies. 5 The waves of death surround me; the wadies of Beli Yaal frighten me; 6 the cords of sheol surround me; the snares of death confront me: 7 in my tribulation I call on Yah Veh and cry to my Elohim. He hears my voice from his manse and my cry is in his ears: 8 then the earth shakes and quakes; the foundations of the heavens quake and shake because he inflames. 9 Smoke from his nostrils ascend and fire from his mouth consumes: coals burn away by it. 10 He spreads the heavens and descends; and dripping darkness is under his feet: 11 and he rides on a cherub and flies - and is seen on the wings of the spirit/wind: 12 and he places darkness - sukkoth/brush arbors all around him; dark waters and thick clouds of vapour. 13 Through the brilliancy in front of him coals of fire burn away: 14 Yah Veh thunders from the heavens and Elyon gives his voice: 15 he sends arrows and scatters them; lights and agitates them. 16 The reservoirs of the sea are seen; exposed are the foundations of the world - at the rebuke of Yah Veh - at the breath of the spirit/wind of his nostrils. 17 He sends from on high; he takes me; he draws me from great waters; 18 he rescues me from my strong enemy - from them who hate me - for they are too strong for me. 19 They confront me in the day of my calamity and Yah Veh is my support: 20 he brings me to an expanse; he rescues me; because he delights in me: 21 Yah Veh deals me according to my justness: according to the purity of my hands he returns to me. 22 For I guard the ways of Yah Veh and do not wickedly against my Elohim: 23 for all his judgments are in front of me; and his statutes, I turn not aside from them: 24 and I am integrious to him and guard myself from my perversity. 25 And Yah Veh returns to me according to my justness - according to my purity in front of his eyes. 26 With the merciful you show yourself merciful: with the mighty integrious you show yourself integrious: 27 with the pure you show yourself pure: and with the perverted you show yourself a wrestler. 28 And the humble people you save: but your eyes are on the lofty for you descend them low. 29 For you are my lamp, O Yah Veh; O Yah Veh, illuminate my darkness: 30 for by you I run through a troop; by my Elohim I leap over a wall. 31 El - how integrious his way; the sayings of Yah Veh how refined - a buckler to all who seek refuge in him. 32 Who is El, except Yah Veh? Who is a rock, except our Elohim? 33 El - my stronghold and valour. And he loosens my way integrious: 34 he equalizes my feet as the hinds and stands me on my bamahs: 35 teaching my hands to war; so that my arms bend a bow of copper. 36 And you give me the buckler of your salvation; and your humbling abounds me: 37 you enlarge my paces under me so that my ankles waver not. 38 I pursue my enemies and desolate them; and turn not back until I finish them off: 39 and I finish them off and strike them and they rise not: yes - fallen under my feet. 40 And you gird me with valour to war: they who rise against me you have to bow under me: 41 you give me the necks of my enemies - to exterminate them who hate me. 42 They look - there is no saviour; to Yah Veh - he answers them not: 43 I pulverize them as small as the dust of the earth, I pulverize them as the mire of the outway and expand them. 44 You also slip me from the strivings of my people; you guard me - head of the goyim: a people I know not serve me: 45 sons of the stranger deceive me; at the hearing of the ear they hearken to me: 46 sons of the stranger wither - they gird their borders. 47 Yah Veh lives; blessed - my rock; and exalted - the Elohim of the rock of my salvation. 48 El gives avengement for me and brings down the people under me: 49 and brings me forth from my enemies. You also lift me on high above them who rise against me: you rescue me from the man of violence. 50 So I spread hands to you, O Yah Veh, among the goyim; and I pluck to your name. 51 He greatens salvation for his sovereign: and works mercy to his anointed - to David and to his seed eternally.