2 Samuel 19

ECB(i) 1
And they tell Yah Ab, and behold, the sovereign weeps and mourns for Abi Shalom: 2 and the salvation that day becomes mourning to all the people: for that day the people hear say that the sovereign writhes for his son: 3 and that day the people steal away to the city as shamed people steal away when they flee in war. 4 And the sovereign muffles his face and the sovereign cries with a great voice, O my son Abi Shalom! O Abi Shalom! My son - my son! 5 And Yah Ab comes to the sovereign in the house and says, This day you shame the faces of all your servants, who this day rescued your soul and the souls of your sons and of your daughters and the souls of your women and the souls of your concubines; 6 for you love your haters and hate your beloved: for this day you tell that you regard neither governors nor servants: and I perceive this day, that had Abi Shalom lived we had all died this day, and it had been straight in your eyes. 7 Now rise, go and word to the heart of your servants: for I oath by Yah Veh, if you go not forth, no man stays overnight with you this night: and this is more vilifying to you than all the evil that befell you from your youth until now. 8 And the sovereign rises and settles in the portal: and they tell all the people, saying, Behold, the sovereign settles in the portal. And all the people come at the face of the sovereign: and Yisra El flees every man to his tent. 9
And so be it, all the people throughout all the scions of Yisra El plead, saying, The sovereign rescued us from the palm of our enemies; and he rescued us from the palm of the Peleshethiy; and now he flees from the land because of Abi Shalom: 10 and Abi Shalom, whom we anointed over us, died in war. And now why hush you in returning the sovereign? 11 And sovereign David sends to Sadoq and to Abi Athar the priests, saying, Word to the elders of Yah Hudah, saying, Why are you the last to return the sovereign to his house? - and the word of all Yisra El comes to the sovereign - to his house. 12 You are my brothers - you are my bones and my flesh. Why then are you the last to return the sovereign? 13 And say to Amasa, Are you not of my bone and of my flesh? Elohim work thus to me and add also if you become not governor of the host at my face all days under Yah Ab. 14 And he spreads the heart of all the men of Yah Hudah as one man; so that they send to the sovereign, Return you and all your servants. 15 And the sovereign returns and comes to Yarden: and Yah Hudah comes to Gilgal - comes to meet the sovereign to pass the sovereign over Yarden: 16 and Shimi the son of Gera a Ben Yaminiy of Bachurim hastens and descends with the men of Yah Hudah to meet sovereign David 17 - with a thousand men of Ben Yamin and Siba the lad of the house of Shaul with his fifteen sons and his twenty servants; and they prosper over Yarden at the face of the sovereign. 18 And a raft passes over - passes over the house of the sovereign to work good in his eyes: and he passes over Yarden and Shimi the son of Gera falls at the face of the sovereign, 19 and says to the sovereign, O that my adoni neither fabricate perversity to me, nor remember what your servant perverted the day my adoni the sovereign went from Yeru Shalem - that the sovereign set it to his heart: 20 for your servant knows I sinned: and behold, I come this day - the first of all the house of Yoseph to descend to meet my adoni the sovereign. 21 And Abi Shai the son of Seruyah answers and says, Was not Shimi deathified for this - because he abased the anointed of Yah Veh? 22 And David says, What have I to do with you, you sons of Seruyah, that this day you are satans to me? Is any man deathified this day in Yisra El? For know I not that I - this day am sovereign over Yisra El? 23 And the sovereign says to Shimi, You die not. - and the sovereign oaths to him. 24 And Mephi Bosheth the son of Shaul descends to meet the sovereign; and has neither worked his feet nor worked his upper lip nor laundered his clothes from the day the sovereign went until the day he came in shalom. 25 And so be it, he comes to Yeru Shalem to meet the sovereign, and the sovereign says to him, Why went you not with me, Mephi Bosheth? 26 And he says, My adoni, O sovereign, my servant deceived me: for your servant said, I harness me a he burro to ride and go to the sovereign - because your servant is lame; 27 and he treaded against your servant to my adoni the sovereign; and my adoni the sovereign is as an angel of Elohim: so work whatever is good in your eyes: 28 for all of the house of my father are naught but men of death to my adoni the sovereign: yet you set your servant among them who eat at your own table. What justness have I yet to cry any more to the sovereign? 29 And the sovereign says to him, Why word you any more of your words? I said, You and Siba allot the field. 30 And Mephi Bosheth says to the sovereign, Yes, have him take all - since my adoni the sovereign comes again in shalom to his own house. 31 And Barzillay the Giladiy descends from Rogelim and passes over Yarden with the sovereign to send him over Yarden. 32 And Barzillay aged mightily - a son of eighty years: and he sustained the sovereign when he resided at Machanayim; and he is a mighty great man. 33 And the sovereign says to Barzillay, Pass over with me and I sustain you with me in Yeru Shalem. 34 And Barzillay says to the sovereign, How many days are the years of my life, that I ascend with the sovereign to Yeru Shalem? 35 I am this day a son of eighty years: Know I good and evil? Your servant - tastes I what I eat or what I drink? Hear I any more the voice of songsters and songstresses? Why then becomes your servant yet a burden to my adoni the sovereign? 36 Your servant passes a little way over Yarden with the sovereign: In dealing, why deals the sovereign thus with me? 37 O that your servant, I pray you, return to die in my own city by the tomb of my father and of my mother: but behold your servant Kimham; pass him over with my adoni the sovereign; and work to him what seems good in your eyes. 38 And the sovereign says, Kimham passes over with me; and I work to him what seems good in your eyes: and whatever you choose of me, I work for you. 39 And all the people pass over Yarden: and the sovereign passes over; and the sovereign kisses Barzillay and blesses him; and he returns to his own place: 40 and the sovereign passes over to Gilgal and Kimham passes over with him: and all the people of Yah Hudah pass the sovereign over and also half the people of Yisra El. 41 And behold, all the men of Yisra El come to the sovereign and say to the sovereign, Why have our brothers the men of Yah Hudah stolen you away - and pass the sovereign and his household and all the men of David with him over Yarden? 42 And all the men of Yah Hudah answer the men of Yisra El, Because the sovereign is near to us: Why then inflame you for this word? In eating, eat we that of the sovereign? Bears he us any offering? 43 And the men of Yisra El answer the men of Yah Hudah and say, We have ten hands in the sovereign and we have also more in David than you. Why then belittle you us, that our word be not first to return our sovereign? - and the words of the men of Yah Hudah are harder than the words of the men of Yisra El.