2 Samuel 16

ECB(i) 1
And David is a little past the top, and behold, Siba the lad of Mephi Bosheth meets him with a pair of harnessed he burros; and on them two hundred bread and a hundred raisincakes and a hundred summer fruits and a bag of wine. 2 And the sovereign says to Siba, What mean you by these? And Siba says, The he burros are for the house of the sovereign to ride on; and the bread and summer fruit for the lads to eat; and the wine, for such as are weary in the wilderness to drink. 3 And the sovereign says, Where is the son of your adoni? And Siba says to the sovereign, Behold, he settles at Yeru Shalem: for he says, Today the house of Yisra El restores to me the sovereigndom of my father. 4 Then the sovereign says to Siba, Behold, you are all to Mephi Bosheth. And Siba says, I prostrate to you to find charism in your eyes, my adoni, O sovereign. 5
And sovereign David comes to Bachurim; and behold, there goes a man of the family of the house of Shaul; his name is Shimi the son of Gera: he goes and abases as he goes: 6 and he stones stones at David and at all the servants of sovereign David: and all the people and all the mighty on his right and on his left. 7 And as Shimi abases, he says thus: Go, go, you bloody man and you man of Beli Yaal: 8 Yah Veh returns on you all the blood of the house of Shaul in whose stead you reign; and Yah Veh gives the sovereigndom into the hand of Abi Shalom your son: and behold, you are in your evil, because you are a man of blood. 9 And Abi Shai the son of Seruyah says to the sovereign, This dead dog - why abases he my adoni the sovereign? Pass me over, I pray you, and I twist off his head. 10 And the sovereign says, What have I to do with you, you sons of Seruyah? he abases thus because Yah Veh says to him, Abase David. Who then is to say, Why work you so? 11 And David says to Abi Shai and to all his servants, Behold, my son who came from my inwards seeks my soul: how much more now this Ben Yaminiy? allow him to abase; for Yah Veh says to him. 12 Perhaps Yah Veh sees my humiliation and Yah Veh returns me good for his abasing this day. 13 And David and his men go by the way, and Shimi goes along beside him on the mountain side; and abases as he goes and stones stones beside him; and dusts dust. 14 And the sovereign and all the people with him become languid; and refresh themselves there. 15
And Abi Shalom and all the people of the men of Yisra El, come to Yeru Shalem with Achiy Thophel: 16 and so be it, Hushay the Arkiy, the friend of David, comes to Abi Shalom: and Hushay says to Abi Shalom, The sovereign lives! The sovereign lives! 17 And Abi Shalom says to Hushay, Is this your mercy to your friend? Why go you not with your friend? 18 And Hushay says to Abi Shalom, No; but whom Yah Veh and this people and all the men of Yisra El choose, his I am; and with him I settle. 19 And secondly, whom serve I? - is it not at the face of his son? As I served at the face of your father, thus I at your face. 20 And Abi Shalom says to Achiy Thophel, Give counsel among you what to work. 21 And Achiy Thophel says to Abi Shalom, Go in to the concubines of your father, whom he allowed to guard the house; so that all Yisra El hears that you stink of your father: then strengthen the hands of all who are with you. 22 And they spread a tent for Abi Shalom on the roof; and Abi Shalom goes in to his concubines of his father in the eyes of all Yisra El. 23 And the counsel Achiy Thophel counsels in those days, is as if a man asks at the word of Elohim: thus is all the counsel of Achiy Thophel both with David and with Abi Shalom.