2 Kings 25:1-12

ECB(i) 1
And so be it, in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, in the tenth of the month, Nebukadnets Tsar sovereign of Babel comes - he and all his valiant, against Yeru Shalem and encamps against it and builds forts all around against it: 2 and besieges the city to the eleventh year of sovereign Sidqi Yah: 3 and on the ninth of the month the famine prevails in the city; and there is no bread for the people of the land: 4 and the city splits - all the men of war by night by the way of the portal between two walls by the garden of the sovereign: - and the Kasdiy are against the city all around: and go the way toward the plain. 5 And the valiant of the Kasdiy pursue the sovereign and overtake him in the plains of Yericho; and all his valiant scatter from him: 6 and they apprehend the sovereign, and ascend him to the sovereign of Babel to Riblah; and they word judgment on him: 7 and they slaughter the sons of Sidqi Yah in front of his eyes; and blind the eyes of Sidqi Yah and bind him with fetters of copper and carry him to Babel. 8 And in the fifth month, on the seventh of the month - the nineteenth year of sovereign Nebukadnets Tsar sovereign of Babel, Nebu Zaradan the great slaughterer a servant of the sovereign of Babel, comes to Yeru Shalem: 9 and he burns the house of Yah Veh and the house of the sovereign and all the houses of Yeru Shalem and burns every great house with fire: 10 and all the valiant of the Kasdiy with the great slaughterer pull down the walls of Yeru Shalem all around. 11 And Nebu Zaradan the great slaughterer exiles the rest of the people in the city who survive with the fugitives who fell away to the sovereign of Babel with the remnant of the multitude: 12 and the great slaughterer had the poor of the land survive to be vinedressers and plowers.
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