1 Samuel 26

ECB(i) 1
And the Ziphiy come to Shaul to Gibah, saying, Is David not hiding in the hill of Hachilah at the face of Yeshimon? 2 Shaul rises and descends to the wilderness of Ziph, with three thousand chosen men of Yisra El to seek David in the wilderness of Ziph: 3 and Shaul encamps in the hill of Hachilah at the face of Yeshimon, by the way. And David settles in the wilderness and he sees that Shaul comes after him into the wilderness: 4 and David sends spies and knows Shaul comes prepared: 5 and David rises and comes to the place where Shaul encamps: and David sees the place where Shaul lies and Abi Ner the son of Ner the governor of his host: and Shaul lies in the route; and the people encamp all around him. 6 Then David answers Achiy Melech the Hethiy and Abi Shai the son of Seruyah brother to Yah Ab and says, saying, Who descends with me to Shaul to the camp? And Abi Shai says, I descend with you. 7 So David and Abi Shai come to the people by night: and behold, Shaul lies sleeping within the route with his spear pierced in the earth at his headpieces: and Abi Ner and the people lie all around him. 8 Then Abi Shai says to David, Elohim shuts your enemy into your hand this day: now let me smite him, I beseech you, with the spear even to the earth one time - and not a second time. 9 And David says to Abi Shai, Ruin him not: for who may send his hand against the anointed of Yah Veh and be exonorated? 10 David says, As Yah Veh lives, Yah Veh smites him; or his day comes to die; or he descends into war and is scraped away: 11 far be it that I send my hand against the anointed of Yah Veh: but, I beseech you, take now the spear at his headpieces and the cruse of water; and we go. 12 And David takes the spear and the cruse of water from the headpieces of Shaul; and they go and no man sees it - neither knows nor wakens, for they all sleep; because a sound sleep from Yah Veh falls on them. 13 Then David passes over to the other side and stands on the top of a mountain afar off - a great place between them: 14 and David calls to the people and to Abi Ner the son of Ner saying, Answer you not, Abi Ner? Then Abi Ner answers and says, Who are you who calls to the sovereign? 15 And David says to Abi Ner, Are not you a man? Who in Yisra El likens to you? Why guard you not your adoni the sovereign? For one of the people came in to ruin the sovereign your adoni: 16 this word you work is not good: Yah Veh lives - you are sons of death, because you guard not your adoni, the anointed of Yah Veh: and now see where the spear of the sovereign is and the cruse of water at his headpieces. 17 And Shaul recognizes the voice of David and says, Is this your voice, my son David? And David says, My voice, my adoni, O sovereign! 18 And then he says, Why this - my adoni pursuing his servant? What work I? What evil is in my hand? 19 Now I beseech you, that my adoni the sovereign hear the words of his servant: If Yah Veh goads you against me, have him scent an offering: and if sons of humanity, cursed are they at the face of Yah Veh; for they drive me out this day from being scraped into the inheritance of Yah Veh, saying, Go, serve other elohim. 20 And now, may my blood not fall to the earth at the face of Yah Veh: for the sovereign of Yisra El goes to seek one flea as one pursues a partridge in the mountains. 21 Then says Shaul, I sinned! Return, my son David, for I vilify you no more, because my soul is valued in your eyes this day: behold, I follied and inadvertently erred mighty aboundingly. 22 And David answers and says, Behold the spear of the sovereign! Pass one of the lads over and take it: 23 and Yah Veh returns his justness and his trustworthiness to every man; for Yah Veh gave you into my hand today, but I willed to not send my hand against the anointed of Yah Veh: 24 and behold, as your soul greatens this day in my eyes, so may my soul greaten in the eyes of Yah Veh; and rescue me from all tribulation. 25 Then Shaul says to David, Blessed - you, my son David: in working, work; and in prevailing, prevail. - and David goes his way and Shaul returns to his place.
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