1 Samuel 20

ECB(i) 1
And David flees from Navith in Ramah and comes at the face of Yah Nathan and says, What work I? What is my perversion? What is my sin at the face of your father that he seeks my soul? 2 And he says to him, Far be it! You die not! Behold, my father works naught - great word or small word, that he exposes not in my ear: And why hides my father this word from me? Is this not so? 3 And David oaths again and says, In knowing, your father knows I find charism in your eyes; and he says, O that Yah Nathan not know this, lest he contort. - and truly as Yah Veh lives and as your soul lives there is but a stride between me and death. 4 And Yah Nathan says to David, Whatever your soul says, I work for you. 5 And David says to Yah Nathan, Behold, tomorrow is the new moon; and in sitting, I sit with the sovereign to eat: send me away to hide in the field until the third evening. 6 If in visiting, your father visits after me, say this, In asking, David asked of me to run to Beth Lechem his city: for there is a sacrifice of days there for all the family. 7 If he say thus, Good! shalom to your servant: and if in inflaming, he inflames, then know that he finishes off evil. 8 And work mercy with your servant; for you brought your servant into a covenant of Yah Veh with you: and, if there be perversity in me, deathify me yourself. And why this - to bring me to your father? 9 And Yah Nathan says, Far be it from you: for in knowing, had I known that my father finishes off evil to come on you, had I not told you? 10 Then says David to Yah Nathan, Who tells me? Or what if your father answers you hardly? 11 And Yah Nathan says to David, Come and let us go into the field. - and they both go into the field. 12 And Yah Nathan says to David, O Elohim of Yisra El, when I probe my father about this time tomorrow - or the third; and behold, if there be good toward David and I send not to you to expose it in your ear; 13 may Yah Veh work and add thus to Yah Nathan: but if it well-pleases my father to vilify you, then I expose it in your ear and send you away to go in shalom: and Yah Veh be with you as he is with my father: 14 and not only, while I still live work me the mercy of Yah Veh that I not die: 15 neither cut off your mercy from my house eternally: nor when Yah Veh cuts off the enemies of David - every man from the face of the soil. 16 And Yah Nathan cuts with the house of David, and Yah Veh seeks it at the hand of the enemies of David: 17 and Yah Nathan has David add an oath, because he loves him: for he loves him as he loves his own soul. 18 And Yah Nathan says to David, Tomorrow is the new moon: and they inspect you and inspect your seat: 19 and on the third, descend mightily and come to the place you hid yourself in the day of work; and settle beside the stone Ezel: 20 and I shoot three arrows on the side thereof - send as at a target: 21 and behold, I send a lad, Go, find the arrows. If in saying, I say to the lad, Behold, the arrows are on this side of you, take them! - then come: for there is shalom to you and no word: Yah Veh lives: 22 and if I say to the lad thus: Behold, the arrows beyond you! - go your way, for Yah Veh sends you away. 23 And the word you and I word, behold, Yah Veh is between you and me eternally. 24 So David hides himself in the field: and the new moon comes, and the sovereign settles down to eat bread. 25 And the sovereign settles on his seat - as time by time on a seat by the wall: and Yah Nathan rises and Abi Ner settles by the side of Shaul and they inspect the place of David. 26 And Shaul words naught that day: for he says, A happening happened to him, he is not pure; surely not pure. 27 And so be it, on the morrow, the second of the month, they inspect the place of David: and Shaul says to Yah Nathan his son, Why comes not the son of Yishay to bread either yesterday or today? 28 And Yah Nathan answers Shaul, In asking, David asked of me to go to Beth Lechem: 29 and he says, Send me away, I beseech you; for our family has a sacrifice in the city; and my brother misvahs me: and now, if I find charism in your eyes, let me escape, I beseech you, and see my brothers. - so he comes not to the table of the sovereign. 30 Then Shaul kindles his wrath against Yah Nathan and he says to him, You son of the perverted rebellious, know I not that you chose the son of Yishay to your own shame and to the shame of the nakedness of your mother? 31 For all the days the son of Yishay lives on the soil, neither you establish nor your sovereigndom: and now, send and take him to me; for he is a son of death. 32 And Yah Nathan answers Shaul his father and says to him, Why deathify him? What works he? 33 And Shaul casts a spear at him to smite him: whereby Yah Nathan knows that his father has fully finished to deathify David. 34 And Yah Nathan rises from the table in fuming wrath and eats no bread the second day of the month: for he contorts for David, because his father shames him. 35 And so be it, in the morning, Yah Nathan goes out into the field at the season with David and a little lad with him: 36 and he says to his lad, Run, find the arrows I shoot. The lad runs, and he shoots an arrow to pass over him: 37 and the lad comes to the place of the arrow Yah Nathan shot; and Yah Nathan calls out after the lad and says, Is not the arrow beyond you? 38 And Yah Nathan calls out after the lad, Quickly! Hasten! Stay not! And the lad of Yah Nathan gathers up the arrows and comes to his adoni: 39 and the lad knows naught: only, Yah Nathan and David know the word. 40 And Yah Nathan gives his instrument to his lad; and says to him, Go, carry them to the city. 41 And as soon as the lad goes, David rises from beside the south and falls on his nostrils to the earth and prostrates himself three times: and they kiss man to friend and weep man to friend, until David greatens. 42 And Yah Nathan says to David, Go in shalom; inasmuch as we oathed, both of us, in the name of Yah Veh, saying, Yah Veh be between me and between you and between my seed and between your seed eternally. - and he rises and goes: and Yah Nathan goes into the city.