1 Peter 5

ECB(i) 1
I beseech the elders among you - I a co-elder and a witness of the sufferings of Messiah, and also a partaker of the glory to be unveiled. 2 Shepherd the shepherddom of Elohim among you, overseeing - not by compulsion, but voluntarily; not for avarice, but eagerly; 3 not as overlording the inheritance, but being types to the shepherddom: 4 so that when the Arch Shepherd manifests, you receive a wreath of glory - amaranthine. 5 Likewise, younger: subjugate yourselves to the elder. Yes, all subjugate to one another and enrobe with humblemindedness: because Elohim opposes the proud and gives charism to the humble. 6 So humble yourselves under the powerful hand of Elohim, so that he exalts you in season: 7 tossing all your anxiety upon him; because he is concerned about you. 8 Sober! Watch! - because your adversary, Diabolos, as a roaring lion, walks around seeking whom to swallow: 9 whom withstand solid in the trust, knowing that the same sufferings are completed/shalamed in your brotherhood in the cosmos. 10 And the Elohim of all charism, who calls us to his eternal glory in Messiah Yah Shua, after you suffer a little, prepare you, establish, invigorate, foundation you. 11 To him be glory and dominion to the eons of the eons. Amen. 12
Through Silvanus your trustworthy brother, I reckon that I scribed through few words, beseeching and witnessing that this wherein you stand is the true charism of Elohim. 13 The co-select in Babel and Markos my son salute you. 14 Salute one another with a kiss of love. Shalom with all in Messiah Yah Shua. Amen.