1 Kings 18

ECB(i) 1
ELI YAH AND OBAD YAH And so be it, after many days, the word of Yah Veh comes to Eli Yah in the third year, saying, Go, be seen by Ach Ab; and I give rain on the face of the soil. 2 - and Eli Yah goes and is seen by Ach Ab. - and the famine in Shomeron is strong. 3 And Ach Ab calls Obad Yah the governor of the house. - and Obad Yah awes Yah Veh mightily. 4 And so be it, Iy Zebel cuts off the prophets of Yah Veh, and Obad Yah takes a hundred prophets and hides the men in a cave by fifties; and sustains them with bread and water. 5 And Ach Ab says to Obad Yah, Go to the land - to all fountains of water and to all wadies: perhaps we find leeks to save the horses and mules alive and not cut off all the animals. 6 So they allot the land between them to pass throughout it: Ach Ab goes one way by himself and Obad Yah goes one way by himself: 7 and Obad Yah is in the way, and behold, Eli Yah meets him and he recognizes him and falls on his face and says, Are you he - my adoni Eli Yah? 8 And he says to him, I: go, say to your adoni, Behold, Eli Yah! 9 And he says, What have I sinned, that you deliver your servant to the hand of Ach Ab, to deathify me? 10 Yah Veh your Elohim lives, there is no goyim or sovereigndom, where my adoni has not sent to seek you: and when they say, Not here! - he has the sovereigndom and goyim oath that they found you not. 11 And now you say, Go, say to your adoni, Behold, Eli Yah: 12 and so be it, as I go from you, the Spirit of Yah Veh lifts you - I know not where; and when I come and tell Ach Ab, and he finds you not, he slaughters me: and your servant awes Yah Veh from my youth. 13 Has not my adoni been told what I worked; when Iy Zebel slaughtered the prophets of Yah Veh; how I hid a hundred men of the prophets of Yah Veh - by fifty men in a cave and sustained them with bread and water? 14 And now you say, Go, say to your adoni, Behold, Eli Yah! - and he slaughters me. 15 And Eli Yah says, Yah Veh Sabaoth lives, at whose face I stand, surely, today I am seen by him. 16 So Obad Yah goes to meet Ach Ab and tells him: and Ach Ab goes to meet Eli Yah: 17 and so be it, Ach Ab sees Eli Yah, and Ach Ab says to him, Are you he who troubles Yisra El? 18 And he says, Not I who troubles Yisra El: but you and the house of your father in that you forsake the misvoth of Yah Veh and walk after Baalim: 19 and now send; gather all Yisra El to me to mount Karmel and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty and the prophets of the asherim four hundred who eat at the table of Iy Zebel. 20 - and Ach Ab sends to all the sons of Yisra El and gathers the prophets to mount Karmel. 21 And Eli Yah comes near all the people, and says, How long limp you divided in two? If Yah Veh be Elohim, go after him! And if Baal, go after him! - and the people answer him not a word. 22 Then Eli Yah says to the people, I - I only, remain a prophet of Yah Veh; but the prophets of Baal are four hundred and fifty men: 23 have them give us two bullocks; and they choose one bullock for themselves and dismember it and set it on timber and set no fire: and I work one bullock and give it on timber and set no fire: 24 and you call on the name of your elohim and I call on the name of Yah Veh: and the elohim who answers by fire - he is Elohim. And all the people answer and say, Good word. 25 And Eli Yah says to the prophets of Baal, Choose one bullock for yourselves and work it first; for you are many; and call on the name of your elohim, but set no fire. 26 And they take the bullock he gives them and they work it; and call on the name of Baal from morning even until noon saying, O Baal, answer us. - and there is neither voice, nor answer: and they leap on the sacrifice altar they worked. 27 And so be it, at noon, Eli Yah mocks them and says, Call out with a great voice; for he is elohim: either he meditates or withdraws or journeys or perhaps he sleeps and wakens. 28 And they call with a great voice and incise themselves according to their judgment with swords and javelins, until blood pours over them: 29 and so be it, noon passes, and they prophesy until the holocaust of the offering; and there is neither voice nor any answering, nor any hearkening. 30 And Eli Yah says to all the people, Come near to me. - and all the people come near him. And he heals the sacrifice altar of Yah Veh that is demolished: 31 and Eli Yah takes twelve stones - according to the number of the scions of the sons of Yaaqov, - to whom the word of Yah Veh became saying, Yisra El becomes your name: 32 and with the stones he builds a sacrifice altar in the name of Yah Veh: and he works a channel all around the sacrifice altar to house two seahs of seed: 33 and he lines up the timber and dismembers the bullock and sets him on the timber and says, Fill four pitchers with water and pour it on the holocaust and on the timber. 34 And he says, Double! - and they double. And he says, Triple! - and they triple. 35 And the water goes all around the sacrifice altar; and he also fills the channel with water. 36 And so be it, at the holocaust of the offering, Eli Yah the prophet comes near and says, Yah Veh Elohim of Abraham, Yischaq, and Yisra El, so be it known this day that you are Elohim in Yisra El and I your servant: and by your word I work all these. 37 Answer me, O Yah Veh, answer me, so that this people knows you are Yah Veh Elohim and that you turn their heart backward. 38 Then the fire of Yah Veh falls; and consumes the holocaust and the timber and the stones and the dust and licks up the water in the channel. 39 And all the people see, and fall on their faces and say, Yah Veh, he is Elohim! Yah Veh, he is Elohim! 40 And Eli Yah says to them, Apprehend the prophets of Baal; that not a man of them escape. - and they apprehend them. And Eli Yah descends them to the wadi Qishon and slaughters them there. 41 And Eli Yah says to Ach Ab, Ascend; eat and drink; for there is a voice of multitude of rain. 42 - and Ach Ab ascends to eat and to drink. And Eli Yah ascends to the top of Karmel and prostrates himself on the earth and set his face between his knees 43 and says to his lad, Ascend now; look the way of the sea. And he ascends and looks and says, Naught! And he says, Turn back seven times. 44 And so be it, at the seventh he says, Behold, a little thick cloud ascends from the sea - as a palm of a man. And he says, Ascend, say to Ach Ab, Bind; and descend that the rain not restrain you. 45 And so be it, the heavens darken - thick clouds and wind and a great rain. - and Ach Ab rides and goes to Yizre El. 46 And the hand of Yah Veh is on Eli Yah; and he girds his loins and runs at the face of Ach Ab to enter Yizre El.