1 Chronicles 29

ECB(i) 1
And David the sovereign says to all the congregation, Shelomoh my son, the one Elohim chooses; a lad and tender; and the work is great: for the palace is not for humanity, but for Yah Veh Elohim: 2 and with all my force I prepared for the house of my Elohim: gold for the gold; silver for the silver; copper for the copper; iron for the iron; timber for the timber; onyx stones and fillings; stibium stones and of embroidery; and all manner of precious stones and marble stones in abundance. 3 And again, because I am pleased in the house of my Elohim, I have of my own peculiar treasure - of gold and silver, which I give to the house of my Elohim over and above all I prepared for the holy house: 4 three thousand rounds of gold of the gold of Ophir and seven thousand rounds of refined silver to plaster the walls of the houses: 5 gold for the gold; silver for the silver; and for all manner of work of the hands of artificers. And who volunteers to fill his hand this day to Yah Veh? 6 And the governor of the fathers and governors of the scions of Yisra El and the governors of thousands and of hundreds with the governors of the work of the sovereign volunteer: 7 and give for the service of the house of Elohim five thousand rounds and ten thousand darics of gold and a myriad rounds of silver and a myriad and eight thousand rounds of copper and one hundred thousand rounds of iron. 8 And they who find stones give them to the treasure of the house of Yah Veh by the hand of Yechi El the Gershoniy. 9 And the people cheer because they volunteer, for they volunteer to Yah Veh with a heart at shalom: and David the sovereign also cheers a great cheer. 10
And David blesses Yah Veh in the eyes of all the congregation: and David says, Blessed - you Yah Veh Elohim of Yisra El our father eternally and eternally. 11 Yours, O Yah Veh, - the greatness and the might and the adornment in perpetuity and in majesty for all in the heavens and in the earth: yours is the sovereigndom, O Yah Veh, and you are lifted as head over all: 12 and riches and honor are at your face and you reign over all; and in your hand is force and might; and in your hand to greaten and to strengthen all. 13 And now, our Elohim, we spread hands to you and halal your glorious name. 14 Yes, because who am I and who are my people, to restrain from volunteering after this sort? For all is from you and from your hand we give you: 15 for we are sojourners at your face and settlers, as all our fathers: our days on the earth are as a shadow and there is no expectation. 16 O Yah Veh our Elohim, all this multitude we prepare to build you a house for your holy name is from your hand and is all your own: 17 and I know, my Elohim, that you proof the heart and have pleasure in straightness. As for me, in the straightness of my heart, I volunteer all these: and now with cheer I see your people who are found here - who volunteer to you. 18 O Yah Veh Elohim of Abraham, Yischaq and of Yisra El, our fathers, guard this eternally in the imagination of the fabrications of the heart of your people and prepare their heart to you: 19 and give Shelomoh my son a heart of shalom to guard your misvoth, your witnesses and your statutes; and to work all these and to build the palace I prepare. 20 And David says to all the congregation, Bless, I pray you, Yah Veh your Elohim. And all the congregation blesses Yah Veh Elohim of their fathers and bows and prostrates to Yah Veh and the sovereign. 21
And on the morrow after that day they sacrifice sacrifices to Yah Veh and holocaust holocausts to Yah Veh - a thousand bullocks, a thousand rams, a thousand lambs, with their libations and sacrifices in abundance for all Yisra El: 22 and on that day they eat and drink at the face of Yah Veh with great cheerfulness: and they have Shelomoh the son of David reign the second time; and anoint him to Yah Veh as eminent and Sadoq as priest. 23 And Shelomoh settles on the throne of Yah Veh as sovereign in the stead of David his father and prospers: and all Yisra El hearkens to him; 24 and all the governors and the mighty and also all the sons of sovereign David give their hand under Shelomoh the sovereign. 25 And Yah Veh greatens Shelomoh in the eyes of all Yisra El; and gives on him the majesty of the sovereigndom as has not become any sovereign at his face in Yisra El. 26
And David the son of Yishay reigns over all Yisra El: 27 and the days he reigns over Yisra El are forty years: he reigns seven years in Hebron and he reigns thirty-three in Yeru Shalem: 28 and he dies in a good grayness; satisfied of days, riches and honor: and Shelomoh his son reigns in his stead. 29 And the words of David the sovereign, first and last, behold, they are inscribed in the words of Shemu El the seer and in the words of Nathan the prophet and in the words of Gad the seer; 30 with all his sovereigndom and his might and the times that pass over him and over Yisra El and over all the sovereigndoms of the lands.