1 Chronicles 26

ECB(i) 1
\b \ul ALLOTMENTS OF THE PORTERS he allotments of the porters: Of the Qorachiy: Meshelem Yah the son of Qore of the sons of Asaph. 2 And the sons of Meshelem Yah: Zechar Yah the firstbirthed Yedia El the second Zebad Yah the third Yathni El the fourth 3 Elam the fifth Yah Hanan the sixth El Ya Enay the seventh. 4 And the sons of Obed Edom: Shema Yah the firstbirthed Yah Zabad the second Yah Ach the third and Sachar the fourth and Nethan El the fifth 5 Ammi El the sixth Yissachar the seventh Peullthay the eighth: for Elohim blessed him. 6 And to his son Shema Yah, sons are birthed who reign throughout the house of their father; - mighty of valour. 7 The sons of Shema Yah: Othni and Repha El and Obed, El Zabad - whose brothers Eli Hu and Semach Yah are sons of valour. 8 All these of the sons of Obed Edom: they and their sons and their brothers men of valour - of force for the service - sixty-two of Obed Edom. 9 And Meshelem Yah has sons and brothers: sons of valour - eighteen. 10 And Hosah of the sons of Merari has sons: Shimri the head - not the firstbirthed, yet his father set him the head; 11 Hilqi Yah the second Tebal Yah the third Zechar Yah the fourth: all the sons and brothers of Hosah - thirteen. 12 Among these are the allotments of the porters; even among the head mighty; guards beside brothers to minister in the house of Yah Veh. 13 And they fell pebbles the small as well as the great according to the house of their fathers - portal by portal. 14 And the pebble from the rising falls to Shelem Yah. And they fell pebbles for Zechar Yah his son a counsellor of comprehension; and his pebble goes northward. 15 To Obed Edom southward: and to his sons, the house of Gatherings: 16 To Shuppim and Hosah duskward - with the portal Shallecheth by the highway of the ascent from guard to guard. 17 Toward the rising: Leviym - six: northward four a day; southward four a day; and to the Gatherings, two by two 18 at the suburb duskward: four at the highway; two at the suburb. 19 - these are the allotments of the porters among the Qorachiy and among the sons of Merari. 20
And of the Leviym: Achiy Yah is over the treasures of the house of Elohim - even the treasures of the holies. 21 Sons of Ladan - of the Gershoniy of Ladan, head fathers of Ladan the Gershoniy: Yechi Eliy. 22 The sons of Yechi Eliy - Zetham and Yah El his brother: over the treasures of the house of Yah Veh, 23 of the Am Ramiy and the Yishariy, the Hebroniy, the Uzzi Eliy. 24 And Shebu El the son of Gershom the son of Mosheh: eminent over the treasures. 25 And his brothers, of Eli Ezer: Rechab Yah his son and Yesha Yah his son and Yah Ram his son and Zichri his son and Shelomoth his son 26 - which Shelomoth and his brothers are over all the treasures of the holies; which David the sovereign and the head fathers - even the governors over thousands and hundreds and the governors of the host hallow: 27 they hallow of the spoils won in wars to strengthen the house of Yah Veh; 28 and all that Shemu El the seer and Shaul the son of Qish and Abi Ner the son of Ner and Yah Ab the son of Seruyah hallow - whoever hallows, it is under the hand of Shelomith and of his brothers. 29 Of the Yishariy: Kenan Yah and his sons; for the outside work over Yisra El for officers and judges. 30 Of the Hebroniy: Hashab Yah and his brothers sons of valour - a thousand and seven hundred; overseers among them of Yisra El on this side Yarden duskward in all the work of Yah Veh and in the service of the sovereign. 31 Among the Hebroniy: Yeri Yah the head among the Hebroniy according to the generations of his fathers - in the fortieth year of the sovereigndom of David they are sought out; and there they find mighty of valour among them at Yazer of Gilad: 32 and his brothers, sons of valour - two thousand and seven hundred head fathers, whom sovereign David made overseers over the Reu Beniy, the Gadiy and the half scion of Menash Shiy, for every word of Elohim and affairs of the sovereign.