Romans 2:25-29

Diaglott(i) 25 Circumcision indeed for profits, if law thou practisest; if but a violator of law thou mayest be, the circumcision of thee uncircumcision has become. 26 If therefore the uncircumcision the ordinances of the law may keep, not the uncircumcision of him for circumcision will be counted? 27 and will judge the from nature uncircumcision, the law perfecting, thee who through letter and circumcision a violator of law? 28 Not for he in the outward appearance, a Jew is, nor that in the outward appearance, in flesh, circumcision; 29 but he in the hidden a Jew, even circumcision of heart, in spirit, not letter; of whom the praise not from men, but from the God.