Hebrews 11:11-19

Diaglott(i) 11 In faith also herself Sarah power for a laying down of seed received, even beyond a proper time of life, since faithful she regarded the one promising. 12 Therefore even from one were born, and these things having been dead, like the stars of the heaven for the multitude, and like the sand that by the shore of the sea the innumerable, 13 In faith died these all, not having received the promises, but far distant them having seen and having saluted, and having confessed, that strangers and sojourners they are on the earth. 14 Those for such things saying make known that a country they seek. 15 And if indeed that they remembered from which they came forth, they would have had a season to have returned; 16 now but a better they long after, this is, heavenly. Therefore not is ashamed of them the God, a God to be called of them; he prepared for for them a city. 17 In faith offered up Abraham the Isaac being tried, and the only-begotten was offering up he the promise having received, 18 to whom it was said: That in Isaac shall be called to thee a seed; 19 inferring, that even out of dead ones to raise up is able the God; whence him also in a similitude he recovered.