Zephaniah 3:14-20

Coverdale(i) 14 Geue thankes o doughter Sio, be ioyful o Israel: reioyce & be glad from thy whole herte, o doughter Ierusalem, 15 for the LORDE hath taken awaye thy punyshment, and turned backe thine enemies. The kinge of Israel, euen the LORDE himself is with the: so that thou nedest nomore to feare eny my?fortune. 16 In that tyme it shall be sayed to Ierusalem: feare not, and to Sion: let not thine hondes be slacke, 17 for the LORDE thy God is with the, it is he that hath power to saue: he hath a special pleasure in the, and a maruelous loue towarde the: yee he reioyseth ouer the wt gladnesse. 18 Soch as haue bene in heuynesse, wil I gather together, and take out of thy congregacion: as for the shame and reprofe that hath bene layed vpon the, it shal be farre from the. 19 And lo, in yt tyme wil I destroye all those that vexe the: I wil helpe the lame, and gather vp the cast awaye: yee I wil get them honoure and prayse in all lodes, where they haue bene put to shame. 20 At ye same tyme wil I bringe you in, and at the same tyme wil I gather you. I wil get you a name and a good reporte, amonge all people of the earth, when I turne backe youre captiuyte before youre eyes, saieth the LORDE.