Zechariah 13

Coverdale(i) 1 In that tyme shall the house off Dauid and the citesyns off Ierusalem haue an open well, to wash of synne and vnclennesse. 2 And then (sayeth the LORDE off hoostes) I will destroye the names of Idols out off the londe: so that they shal nomore be put in remembraunce. As for the false prophetes also and the vnclene sprete, I shall take them out of the londe: 3 So that yf eny off them prophecy eny more, his owne father and mother that begat him, shall saye vnto him: Thou shalt dye, for thou speakest lyes vnder the name off the LORDE: Yee his owne father and mother that begat him, shall wounde him, when he prophecyeth. 4 And then shall those prophetes be confounded, euery one off his vision when he prophecieth: nether shall they weere sack clothes eny more, to disceaue me withall. 5 But he shall be fayne to saye: I am no prophet: I am an husbonde man, for so am I taught by Adam fro my youth vp. 6 And yff it be sayde vnto him: How came these woundes then in thine hondes? He shall answere: Thus am I wounded in the house off myne owne frendes. 7 Arise (o thou swearde) vpon my shepherde, and vpon the prynce of my people, sayeth the LORDE of hoostes: Smyte the shepherde and the shepe shalbe scatred abrode, and so will I turne myne honde to the litle ones. 8 And it shal come to passe (sayeth the LORDE) that in all the londe two partes shalbe roted out, but the thirde parte shal remayne therin. 9 And the same thirde parte wil I brynge thorow the fyre, and will clense them, as the syluer is clensed: Yee and trye them, like as golde is tryed. Then shall they call vpon my name, and I wil heare them: I wil saye: it is my people. And they shal saye: LORDE, my God.