Titus 2

Coverdale(i) 1 Bvt speake thou that which becommeth wholsome learnynge. 2 That ye elder men be sober, honest, discrete, sounde in the faith, in loue, in pacience. 3 And the elder wemen likewyse that they shewe them selues as it becommeth holynes, that they be no false accusers, not geuen to moch wyne, that they teach honest thinges, 4 that they enfourme the yonge wemen to be sober mynded, to loue their hussbandes, to loue their childre, 5 to be discrete, chaste, husswyfly, good, obedient vnto their awne hussbandes, that the worde of God be not euell spoken of. 6 Exhorte the yonge men likewyse, that they be sober mynded. 7 Aboue all thinge shewe thy selfe an ensample off good workes, with vncorrupte doctryne, with honestye, with the wholsome 8 worde which can not be rebuked: that he which withstodeth maye be ashamed, hauynge nothinge in you that he maye disprayse. 9 Exhorte the seruauntes, to be obedient vnto their masters, to please in all thinges, not answeringe agayne, 10 nether to be pykers, but to shewe all good faithfulnes, that in all thinges they maye do worshippe vnto the doctryne off God oure Sauioure. 11 For the grace of God that bryngeth Saluacion vnto all men, hath appeared, 12 and teacheth vs, that we shulde denye vngodlynes, and wordly lustes: and that we shulde lyue discretly, righteously, and godly in this worlde, 13 lokynge for that blessed hope and appearynge of the glory of ye greate God and of oure Sauioure Iesu Christ: 14 which gaue him selfe for vs, to redeme vs fro all vnrighteousnes, and to pourge vs to be a peculiar people vnto himselfe, to be feruently geuen vnto good workes. 15 These thinges speake and exhorte, and rebuke with all earnest. Se that no man despyse the.