Song of Songs 3

Coverdale(i) 1 By night in my bedd, I sought him, whom my soule loueth: yee diligently sought I him, but I founde him not. 2 I wil get vp (thought I) and go aboute the cite: vpon the market and in all ye stretes will I seke him whom my soule loueth, but whan I sought him, I founde him not. 3 The watchmen that go aboute ye cite, founde me. Sawe ye not him, whom my soule loueth? 4 So whan I was a litle past them, I foude him whom my soule loueth. I haue gotten holde vpon him, and wyl not let him go, vntill I brynge him into my mothers house, and in to hir chambre that bare me. 5 I charge you (o ye doughters of Ierusale) by the Roes and hyndes of the felde, that ye wake not vp my loue ner touch her, till she be content herself. 6 Who is this, that commeth out of ye wyldernesse like pilers of smoke, as it were a smell of Myrre, frankencense and all maner spyces of the Apotecary? 7 Beholde, aboute Salomos bedsteade there stonde LX. valeauut men of the mightie in Israel. 8 They holde swerdes euery one, & are experte in warre. Euery man hath his swerde vpo his thee, because of feare in the night. 9 Kynge Salomon hath made himself a bedsteade of the wodd of Libanus, 10 the pilers are of syluer, the coueringe of golde, ye seate of purple, ye grounde pleasauntly paued for the doughters of Ierusalem. 11 Go forth (o ye doughters of Sion) and beholde kynge Salomon in the crowne, wherwith his mother crowned him in the daye of his mariage, and in the daye of the gladnesse of his hert.