Romans 11:26-31

Coverdale(i) 26 and so all Israel shalbe saued. As it is wrytten: There shal come out of Sion he that doth delyuer, and shal turne awaye vngodlynes from Iacob. 27 And this is my couenaut with them, wha I shal take awaye their synnes. 28 As concernynge the Gospell, I holde them as enemies for youre sakes: but as touchinge the eleccion, I loue them for the fathers sakes. 29 For verely the giftes & callynge of God are soch, that it can not repente him of them. 30 For likewyse as ye also in tyme passed haue not beleued, but now haue optayned mercy thorow their vnbeleue: 31 Euen so now haue they not beleued on the mercy which his happened vnto you, that they also maye optayne mercy.