Psalms 98:5-9

Coverdale(i) 5 Shewe youre self ioyfull vnto the LORDE all ye londes, synge, reioyse and geue thankes. 6 Prayse the LORDE vpon the harpe, synge to the harpe with a psalme of thankesgeuynge. 7 With trompettes also & shawmes: O shewe youre selues ioyfull before the LORDE the kynge. 8 Let the see make a noyse and all yt therin is, yee the whole worlde & all that dwell therin. 9 Let the floudes clappe their hondes, and let all the hilles be ioyfull together. Before the LORDE, for he is come to iudge the earth. Yee with rightuousnes shall he iudge the worlde, and the people with equite.