Psalms 97

Coverdale(i) 1 The LORDE is kynge, the earth maye be glad therof: yee the multitude of the Iles maie be glad therof. 2 Cloudes and darcknesse are rounde aboute him, rightuousnesse and iudgment are the habitacion of his seate. 3 There goeth a fyre before him, to burne vp his enemies on euery syde. 4 His lightenynges geue shyne vnto the worlde, the earth seyth it & is afraied. 5 The hilles melt like wax at the presence of ye LORDE, at the presence of the LORDE of the whole earth. 6 The very heauens declare his rightuousnes, & all people se his glory. 7 Cofounded be all they that worshipe ymages, and delite in their Idols: worshipe him all ye goddes. 8 Sion heareh of it and reioyseth: yee all ye doughters of Iuda are glad because of thy iudgmentes, o LORDE. 9 For thou LORDE art the most hyest ouer all the earth, thou art exalted farre aboue all goddes. 10 O ye that loue the LORDE, se that ye hate the thinge which is euell: the LORDE preserueth the soules of his sayntes, he shal delyuer the from the honde of the vngodly. 11 There is spronge vp a light for the rightuous, and a ioyfull gladnesse for soch as be true herted. 12 Reioyse therfore in the LORDE, ye rightuous: and geue thankes for a remembraunce of his holynesse.