Psalms 93

Coverdale(i) 1 The LORDE is kynge, and hath put on glorious apparell, the LORDE hath put on his apparell, & gyrded himself with stregth: 2 he hath made the rounde worlde so sure, that it can not be moued. 3 From that tyme forth hath yi seate bene prepared, thou art from euerlastinge. 4 The floudes aryse (o LORDE) the floudes lift vp their noyse, ye floudes lift vp their wawes. 5 The wawes of the see are mightie, & rage horribly: but yet the LORDE that dwelleth on hye, is mightier. Thy testimonies (o LORDE) are very sure, holynesse becommeth thyne house for euer.