Psalms 92

Coverdale(i) 1 It is a good thinge to geue thankes vnto the LORDE, and to synge prayses vnto yi name, o most hyest. 2 To tell of thy louynge kyndnesse early in the mornynge, and of thy trueth in the night season. 3 Vpon an instrumet of ten strynges, vpon the lute and with a songe vpon the harpe. 4 For thou LORDE hast made me glad thorow thy workes, and I wil reioyse ouer the operacion of thy hondes. 5 O LORDE, how glorious are thy workes, thy thoughtes are very depe. 6 An vnwyse man wil not knowe this, & a foole wil not vnderstode it. 7 That the vngodly are grene as the grasse, and that all the workes of wickednes do florish, to be destroyed for euer. 8 But thou LORDE o most hyest, abydest worlde without ende. 9 For lo, thy enemies (o LORDE) lo, thy enemies shal perishe, and all the workers of wickednes shalbe scatred abrode. 10 But my horne shalbe exalted like the horne of an Vnicorne, & shal be anoynted with fresh oyle. 11 Myne eye also shal se his lust of myne enemies, 12 & myne eare shall heare his desyre of the wicked yt ryse vp agaynst me. 13 The rightuous shal florish like a palme tre, and growe like a Cedre of Libanus. 14 Soch as be planted in the house of the LORDE,be frutefull, plenteous & grene. 15 That they maye shewe, how true the LORDE my stregth is, and that there is no vnrightuousnesse in him.