Psalms 88

Coverdale(i) 1 O Lorde God my Sauyor, I crie daye & night before the: Oh let my prayer entre in to thy presence, encline thine eare vnto my callynge. 2 For my soule is full of trouble, & my life draweth nye vnto hell. 3 I am couted as one of the that go downe vnto the pytte, I am eue as a ma that hath no stregth. 4 Fre amoge the deed, like vnto the yt lye in the graue, which be out of remembrauce, and are cutt awaye from thy honde. 5 Thou hast layed me in the lowest pytte, in ye darcknesse and in the depe. 6 Thy indignacion lieth hard vpon me, and thou vexest me with all thy floudes. 7 Sela. Thou hast put awaye myne acquataunce farre fro me, & made me to be abhorred of them: 8 I am so fast in preson, that I can not get forth. 9 My sight fayleth for very trouble: LORDE, I call daylie vpo the, and stretch out my hondes vnto the. 10 Doest thou shewe wonders amonge the deed? Can the physicias rayse them vp agayne, that they maye prayse the? 11 Maye thy louynge kyndnes be shewed in the graue, or thy faithfulnesse in destruccion? 12 Maye thy wonderous workes be knowne in the darcke, or thy righteousnes in the londe where all thinges are forgotte? 13 Vnto the I crie (o LORDE) and early cometh my prayer before the. 14 LORDE, why puttest thou awaye my soule? Wherfore hydest thou thy face fro me? 15 My strength is gone for very sorow and misery, with fearfulnesse do I beare thy burthens. 16 Thy wroth full displeasure goeth ouer me, the feare of the oppresseth me. 17 They come rounde aboute me daylie like water, and compase me together on euery syde. 18 My louers and fredes hast thou put awaye fro me, and turned awaye myne acquantaunce.