Psalms 87

Coverdale(i) 1 Hir foundacions are vpo the holy hilles: the LORDE loueth the gates of Sion more, the all ye dwelliges of Iacob. 2 Very excellet thiges are spoke of ye, thou cite of God. 3 Sela. I wil thinke vpo Rahab & Babilo, so that they shal knowe me: 4 Yee the Philistynes also & they of Tyre with the Morians. Lo, there was he borne. 5 And of Sion it shalbe reported, that he was borne in her, euen the most hyest which hath buylded her. 6 The LORDE shal cause it be preached & written amonge the people, that he was borne there. 7 Sela. Therfore the dwellinge of all syngers & daunsers is in the.